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Recent content by KYGlockster

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    Excellent Information Concerning Search and Seizures, Open Carry and More!

    I was given some manuals at work recently and discovered that they are all available on-line as well. This is an extensive gathering of information developed by the Department of Criminal Justice for peace officers to use when working their law-enforcement obligations. This information should...
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    McDonald's and Dunkin' Donuts Abide by the Laws of the States

    In response to Starbuck's CEO's request, it appears several other fast-food establishments have come out on the record and stated their stores' policies and procedures. From Business Insider: "While we respect the differing views of all our customers, McDonald’s company-owned restaurants...
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    Probably COULD Have Fired in SD.

    I was on my way to work yesterday and I was running a little late. I was stopped at a red-light on Winchester Avenue where I was turning leftds onto Greenup Avenue in Ashland by the Ashland Town Center. There was a black SUV in front of me, and he was the first car stopped at the light...
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    Contact Information for Handgunlaw.us?

    I recently noticed that handgunlaw.us has added an open-carry section to their state-specific pages. Upon examining Kentucky's page, I noticed that they have claimed the areas that are off-limits to those carrying concealed are also off-limits to those who carry openly, and as we all know this...
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    Kentucky Law Enforcement Magazine Mentions Open Carry

    I found this while reading through the latest issue of Kentucky Law Enforcement Magazine: https://docjt.ky.gov/Magazines/Issue%2045/index.html#/78/zoomed It mentions open carry in Kentucky and gives links to information concerning our right to openly carry at the Department of Criminal Justice...
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    SB 129 Going to Pass?

    Here is the current statuts of SB 129, which has already passed in the Senate: Feb 11-introduced in Senate Feb 13-to Veterans, Military Affairs, & Public Protection (S) Feb 20-taken from Veterans, Military Affairs, & Public Protection (S); 1st reading; returned to Veterans, Military...
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    "UNLOADED" Open Carriers at the Ashland Town Center

    I saw two different people today carrying their firearms openly at the Ashland Town Center, but one thing was odd about both... they were both carrying their firearms empty, with no magazine in the gun. Was this anyone here? I had to ask myself what the point is? Anyone that carries a...
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    Yahoo! Poll

    www.yahoo.com Near the middle is a poll asking if we support Obama's actions. There is only one "yes" answer and two "no" answers. The second "no" is the correct answer because the first says "no I don't support them because they are NOT enough." Currently we are leading with 59% saying they...
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    Larry Pratt STOMPS Pier Morgan With the TRUTH

    Larry Pratt STOMPS Piers Morgan With the TRUTH Excellent video of Executive Director Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America debating Piers Morgan. It gets very interesting right after the five minute mark. Larry Pratt effectively shuts Morgan up and he returns to his name calling to try and...
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    Message to KY Legislators Concerning KRS 527.070

    I have contacted my representatives and senators and I have asked them to help the children of Kentcuky so they never have to become victims or set in the corner of a class-room in complete fear hoping they aren't next! I urge everyone to do the same, because I cannot stand by and allow...
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    tnoutdoors9 on Youtube -- excellent ammo tests!

    I wanted to pass this guy's ballistic test videos along. This guy does excellent testing, and he has tested numerous loads. Watching this man's videos will better inform you of how well your load functions. Here is his Youtube address: http://www.youtube.com/user/tnoutdoors9?feature=watch...
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    Please Help With Comments!

    We are having trouble with a county here in Kentucky that is tying to skirt its way around our preemption statute, which is rock solid (can be found here: http://lrc.ky.gov/KRS/065-00/870.PDF ). There are no restrictions as to where openly carried firearms can be carried in Kentucky (except for...
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    SGAmmo.com is awesome!

    I just wanted to pass along a reccomendation for a new ammo supplier I have found. SGAmmo.com has amazing deals, and they carry numerous brands of LE only ammunition (basically just 50 round boxes of personal defense ammo which we can only get in 20 round boxes for an extreme price) for sale to...
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    Streamlight ProTac 2L Flashlight

    I just wanted to pass along a reccomendation to everyone. I have numerous flashlights, and I have carried a Surefire 6PX for over a year now. I have a couple of the same mounted on shotguns, and they are excellent flashlights. I recently purchased a new light that was much smaller, has a...
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    Right to Hunt Constitutional Amendment

    Just thought I would remind everyone here that has thought about not voting on November 6th about some important items on the ballot. We are voting for a constitutional amendment that protects our right to hunt and fish in Kentucky and we need to head to the polls to vote "yes" on this issue...