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Recent content by junglebob

  1. J

    Are non-resident Pa CHLs accepted by WV and is open carry legal for non-residents

    I have as friend that goes to West Virginia regularly who has a Pa non-resident CHL and I see some conflicting reports on if it is accepted in WV or not. Also read that some LEOs in WV say that open carry isn't legal for non-residents. What are "gun free" zones in West Virginia?
  2. J

    Welcome Sign at Local Bank

    I had to stop today at a local bank, First Bank and Trust of Murphysboro about adding another person to a checking account that my church has there. I'm walking up to the door and checking for a CPZ sign because I haven't been there yet this year before today. I see a gun pictured with a...
  3. J

    Whose church allows open carry?

    My pastor forwarded some emails to me from some pastors in our denomination about "open carry in church". One fellow from a church out east was asking about it. A pastor in Missouri said that a couple of men in his church open carry in church. I'm not sure if they asked if it was ok to do it...
  4. J

    Marion Illinois Bank Lets Tellers Carry Guns

    A local TV station had a story on their website www.wsiltv.com about the South Pointe Bank in Marion, titled Marion Bank Lets Tellers Carry Guns. They've just put up a sign that says"Notice This Property Protected by Smith and Wesson". The bank president they've never been robbed and he wants...
  5. J

    Illinois Concealed Carry Licenses are Going Out

    Illinois concealed carry licenses are going out to those that aren't instructors. The first of these went out over a week ago. A lot of applications went in on January 5. Mine went in January 9 and the Illinois State Police website showed it was active on 3/10 so I expect it later this week...
  6. J

    Any Churches in Nevada Where Folks Open Carry?

    After being in Nevada at Front Sight for their 4 day handgun course I've been reading some posts on the forum here. I get the impression that folks in Nevada are a lot more comfortable around guns than those in Illinois, not a big surprise. I was wondering if this comfort goes so far as open...
  7. J

    What are the firearm transport laws in Michigan?

    I understand that an Illinois resident may now open carry in Michigan with the Illinois Firearm Owners ID (FOID) card, but not in a vehicle. I am wondering what the transport laws are in Michigan. Illinois says unloaded encased and ammo can be with the firearm in the case, even loaded...
  8. J

    So. Illinoisans Another free handgun class 11/6

    Williamson County Sheriff's Department is holding another basic handgun class in Marion, saturday 11/6. I my wife and 14 others attended the 10/30 handgun class. It consists of 3 hours of classroom time, including gun cleaning instruction and 4 hours of range time. Nothing fancy just...
  9. J

    So. Illinoisans Free Handgun Class Ocober 30, not 9th

    There will be a free basic handgun class in Williamson County, Herrin Illinois on October 30, put on by the Sheriff's Department. I posted about a class on October 9 which was canceled because the required 8 people hadn't signed up. I've got that many lined up now. You just need to bring your...
  10. J

    So. Illinois Free Handgun Training October 9

    I just heard on the radio that the Williamson County Sheriff's Dept. is offering a free handgun training course saturday in Herrin Illinois. I was told it consists of 3 hours of classroom and 4 hours of range time. When I called to register only 5 or 6 people had. They asked for my phone...
  11. J

    Changes in LTC Issuing in Philadelphia after 1995

    imported post I read that after changes in LTC law in Pa in 1995 that the number of LTC holders in Philadelphia increased from about 5000 to 20,000 or 25,000in 3 years. What were the changes?
  12. J

    An Assault That Might Have Been Prevented With RTC

    imported post There is a story at http://www.KFVS.com a local TV station about two older women who were assaulted by someone who broke into a church in Anna Illinois. If you go there and search "women assaulted Anna baptist church" you can get the story. What is interesting is that I was...
  13. J

    Anyone seen a business owner open carrying

    imported post I'm curious if anyone has seen a business owner carrying in his or her "fixed place of business'? Especially a business that isn't a gun shop. I understand that employees at Chucks Gun Shop all carry and I wouldn't think it odd to find gun shop owners doing so.
  14. J

    Anyone know Hawaii LTC holder

    imported post I was curious if anyone knew someone who had a Hawaii LTC. I know they are about as scarce as hen's teeth. If you know of someone what was his occupation and reason for getting a LTC. Rich and well connected, multiple attempts on his life or what? I visited Maui a few years ago...
  15. J

    Any Maryland Shall Issue LTC Legislation

    imported post I was wondering if there is any shall issue LTC legislation in the Maryland legislature. I live in the "right denied" state of Illinois, where you can't even get a LTC from the state even if you are rich and well connected. I do however have a Pa and Utah LTC. I'm on the...