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Recent content by Gypsy47

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    Texas Constitutional Carry H. B. No. 1927 effective 1 September 2021

    Its a shame people can't exercise their 2-A right, I just read a news article a man riding his bike was attacked an killed by a wild dog pack, if he was armed he might have saved himself, sad times now. By the way those who violate their oath of office are committing a felony, under Title 5...
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    Candidate for Shasta County Sheriff says he will issue licenses to open carry

    Why pay for "Permission to opencarry" IF its our right under the Bill of Rights ? It must be remembered any right given by a license CAN also be taken away. This IS how Government has been making business comply with Mask mandates and other "Orders" ETC. It gives Government the presumption they...
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    Gun laws ARE changing in California now because of the Supreme Court Decision,and the Bruen case.

    Check it out here: Read the whole thing slowly :) https://assets.nationbuilder.com/firearmspolicycoalition/pages/5472/attachments/original/1659034923/People_of_the_State_of_CA_v._Diaz.pdf?1659034923
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    Bruen has changed everything. Licensed Open Carry

    I read an article on the state with the most "Mass shootings" guess which state it was ! you got it California just like Chicago the more gun laws the more killings and crime, well who would have thought that ? Anyway lets continue to pray California will start turning back to reality, and being...
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    Bruen has changed everything. Licensed Open Carry

    I have to agree, I read the whole thing, its at this site Thanks ! https://assets.nationbuilder.com/firearmspolicycoalition/pages/5472/attachments/original/1659034923/People_of_the_State_of_CA_v._Diaz.pdf?1659034923
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    Missouri House Committee Passes “Second Amendment Preservation Act”

    ALL laws are to be "EQUITABLE" meaning "the same for EVERYONE" ! So I guess discrimination in some cases is legal. :( Like one good cop said "Only outlaws are free" I Guess we will find out after the vote having federal "Red Flag Laws passed" What was that "Outlaw Josey Wales, said "I Recon...
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    Department of Justice sues Missouri over gun rights law

    Your right, also those who breach there oath of office are committing a federal crime, under ( Title 5 U.S.C. section 7311 ) Their oath says to support and defend the Constitution, why is there no arrests of these out right lairs ? They are taking tax payers money under false pretenses, AND...
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    Time to retry constitutional carry bill?

    Keep up the good fight, for Constitutional Carry with NO permits, from a native born Iowan :)
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    TN Open Carry Report

    Here is what you do when there are two conflicting laws, Read 16 Am Jur 2d. Sec 177 Late 2d, Sec256 Or you mat try reading Norton vs Shelby County 118 US 425p. 442 There can't be two conflicting law, either one is right or the other is wrong. The "Bill of Rights" is an Amendment to our...
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    Oregon Governor Just Signed A GUN CONFISCATION Law

    Some don't like Pro 2-A and Bill of Rights people taking a stand to educate our times we are living in. And yes there are few Patriot's these days sad to say ! I'm a decedent from the first revolution in America, The War of Independence. And guess what we WON that's why your free today !
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    Oregon Governor Just Signed A GUN CONFISCATION Law

    Even more not having" Due Process" gun rights groups in Oregon should file a law suit, for Kate Browns, breach of her "Oath of Office" under Title 5 U.S.C. sections 7311 for violation of her oath, here is the whole section...
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    Firearms on Post Office Property

    Well that's that "Bishops" opinion, does he even have the Spirit of the lord ? WE get our understanding from The Bible and it's Interpreted by the Spirit of Jesus Christ that's in us, that's why we must be born again in Spirit. Read Rom 7:6 and 2 Cor 3:6. That's why non=believers can't...
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    How will Opencarry be, with this Inserection act taking place ?

    Guess you could say the Custer, battle was a reckoning for all the raids on there villages, and the killing that happened there some get real mad when you raid and ravage ones homeland, and villages. Nuff said !
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    How will Opencarry be, with this Inserection act taking place ?

    Your right ! Also its sad about Wounded Knee, where they first disarmed the Indians there then gunned them all down That's the true history.
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    Firearms on Post Office Property

    Well that might be one way of looking at it, yet the freedom to exercise ones relational Spiritual with Jesus, to Obey him is even stronger then the 2-A , in the Bible Luke 22:36 Its a Christian Duty to be armed !