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Recent content by EMNofSeattle

  1. EMNofSeattle

    Jim Beal (DEROS72) has passed away

    Rest In Peace Jim I have to admit, I met Jim once and he didn’t like me much, and I don’t blame him because I was younger and stupider at that time, but I know he was a tireless advocate for our rights and I offer my sincerist condolences to his family and friends. Rest In Peace Jim and thank...
  2. EMNofSeattle

    An Open Carry Roadtrip successful

    So I am back from my vacation, I drove down to central Missouri from Washington State, since several states did not recognize my Washington CPL but open carry was legal without license in every state I drove through (except a brief detour through Luverne MN, in which I had to unload and store) I...
  3. EMNofSeattle

    Open carry in WA banned from 1994 to 97?

    I was thumbing through the newest edition of WAC's gun news magazine, and something caught my eye, so on page 4 Joe Waldron is writing about SWATTING and OC, and he wrote this "Next stop police lobbying to ban open carry. This is exactly how Washington lost open carry from 1994 to 1997: Seattle...
  4. EMNofSeattle

    Everytown's anti -armslist campaign

    so I posted this on facebook in response to a web campaign by Bloombergs everytown for gun safety See here we go, it's time for outside interest groups to influence WA politics, and lie while doing it, Great example, Michael Bloomberg (a billionaire from NYC) creates this anti gun group to...
  5. EMNofSeattle

    State Supreme Court dismisses Bauer assault charge

    http://www.kitsapsun.com/news/2014/jul/17/court-charge-against-gun-owner-in-armin-jahn-go/#axzz37m4swjfI Run down, kid steals gun from man, takes gun to school, gun somehow discharges, 9 year girl critically injured, prosecutor charges guns owner with assault. State court of appeals rules...
  6. EMNofSeattle

    Kitsap Open Carry Picnic July 26 Saturday

    Ok so Ana F smith Park on Tracyton Blvd in Bremerton, WA. 11am to 3pm Have the picnic shelter there, I am PMing Bill to see if I can borrow the banner. Please if you are interested in coming RSVP since I plan on BBQing some food and would like to know how much to buy. I'll bring a grill...
  7. EMNofSeattle

    Well would you look at this?

    First time I've personally seen a gunbuster at McDs, here in Gila Bend on SR85. I was upset enough I am using their internet to post their sign..... No weapons, except law enforcement, I thought AZ was a gun friendly state?
  8. EMNofSeattle

    South kitsap picnic will be in august

    Disregard Edit
  9. EMNofSeattle

    Why no ballot measures?

    I am wondering why california has no put no ballot measures up for gun rights, I remember an election to amend the state constitution to prevent gay marriage, why no vote on gun rights? Shall issue CCW. Open carry? Etc etc etc You have literally nothing to lose politically, and a victory at...
  10. EMNofSeattle

    Whatcha gonna do when Gottlieb comes for you?

    SAF files suit against North Carolina seeking injunction of the law that prohibits legal aliens from receiving a concealed carry permit.... http://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2014/07/dean-weingarten/saf-supports-legal-immigrant-gun-rights-in-north-carolina-case/ Given precedent from SAF legal...
  11. EMNofSeattle

    Another Open Carry Texas success story ruins it for Washingtonians.....

    Wow, look at what 5 seconds of google brings.... Something pretty much resembling what I'm saying, state mandates private entity provide segregation that they didn't otherwise want to do, but that's much harder then just lashing out isn't it? I think you owe an apology for that last comment...
  12. EMNofSeattle

    Another Open Carry Texas success story ruins it for Washingtonians.....

    Don't blame me, I signed the Texas Secession petition when obama was reelected..... This group will get guns banned in Cabelas by the end of next year...... so lets see, can't shop at Target, Jack in the Box, Sonic, Chipotle, there won't be anywhere left for OCers in strong civil rights states...
  13. EMNofSeattle

    Uh-oh gang, we're really in trouble now....

    So remember a year ago when some nobody who happens to be a lieutenant colonel in the Army threatened to kill NRA members in an esquire article? Well he's coming home to defend america from the NRA! May god help us all :rolleyes: http://www.esquire.com/blogs/politics/i-am-coming-home Gee...
  14. EMNofSeattle

    Open carry sketch on radio

    So I'm driving to Montana for vacation, and I was thumbing through the radio around Cle Elum and got to 95.3 FM and they had this skit with this guy with an extreme southern accent doing a joke skit about how "the brainless godless freedom hating liberals don't like our new open carry law (we...
  15. EMNofSeattle

    In Mass. do swat teams have any immunity? Their answer to FOIA request says no

    maybe these private cops need a badge, since I'm in favor of recycling, maybe we can dust off a few dozen of these from museums and hand them out