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Recent content by Eddie Fulmer

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    BamaCarry, INC meets with AG

    Probably a month ago the AG contacted us, BamaCarry, INC and wanted a 2nd meeting on Jan 7. Of course we agreed and then on Dec 29 I received a message from Luther that all complaints had been answered and at this stage another meeting wouldn’t be needed and we’ll get together later in the year...
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    Weapons Welcome signs courtesy of BamaCarry, INC

    Several members of BamaCarry, INC have had great success in getting businesses to put up these or simply just take down no weapon signs. It can be done!! This was posted on the open carry tuscaloosa page by Stephanie and Ray Price. Great job!!
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    BamaCarry, INC local chapter operation "Santa Clause"

    Open Carry Tuscaloosa leader member, Paul Arnold, came up with the idea to raise a little money to help out a needy family. We talked about it and wondered if we might raise $200 or $500. We just didn't know. After contacting the Sprayberry Center here in Tuscaloosa we were advised of a family...
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    BamaCarry, INC

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE!! Grassroots Gun Rights Activists Make it Official TUSCALOOSA, Alabama (September 20, 2013) - Members of the newly-incorporated BamaCarry, Inc. are moving forward with a plan to unite Alabama's gun rights advocates under one banner. The group has now filed with the...
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    LE Agencies asking businesses to post signs saying no weapons/no open carry

    A big Question here. I've been informed that some of the LE agencies here in Alabama, Starting with the ASA(Alabama Sheriff's Association), are starting to encourage businesses to NOT allow weapons. I'm understanding this is even to the point of the agency providing the signs for them. Somewhere...
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    Senate bill SB286 shall issue, vehicle carry, premption etc.

    This bill, mostly pushed by BamaCarry, will be in committe on Tuesday at 11am. It's on a "fast track" and there will be no testimony from anyone at that time. It's due to hit the Senate floor the same day at 1pm. Don't miss out on this bill! It's not perfect but it will do a lot. Look it up...
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    New Dog in Alabama

    For those of you who might have felt like you weren't wanted in the old Alabama site you might find some old friends on the new one. http://www.facebook.com/groups/273611039414598/296184047157297/?notif_t=group_comment#!/groups/273611039414598/ Or BamaCarry.org and Face book page...
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    Northport Attempts Citywide property gun ban.

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    Credit Union of Alabama deprives Citizens of our God given right of self defence

    Well here's the message I sent and the reply I recieved. I have a hard time with the insurance rates thing. I don't know how to check that out. Sent via e-mail on their web page to Customer Service on: 9/14/12 I was in the branch on Rose Boulevard in Northport, on Thursday, August 13th...
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    Time to get ready for action concerning the upcoming 2013 legislative session

    I received a call from Senator Scott Beason this afternoon.(couple days ago) He tells me he’s ready to go full bore with "our" bill next session (Feb) , along with several other Senators. I told him where Jason’s case was at the moment and then informed him about the Trussville arrest with the...
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    Tuscaloosa Monthly meet up #18 Sept 17, 2012

    Dreamland hosts our 18th meeting. Gun raffle. Short presentation recapping our pevious meeting at the Civic Center, then a Question and answer session.The gun we'll raffle off is a Sig SP 2009 with 4 clips. $10 per ticket. Must sell 45 tickets. We've never failed to make the raffle minimum. All...
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    Gun Rights meetup in Northport Alabama (Tuscaloosa) Tuesday August 21 @6:00

    YOU are invited to this event which includes our Tuscaloosa Sheriff, Chief of Police,(both Northport and Tuscaloosa) and Retired Supreme Court Justice Bernard Harwood. We have plenty of seating. Doors open at 6:00 and event starts at 6:30. There is no charge to attend. (of course we will...
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    Alabama Gun Rights/ Alabama Open Carry meeting

    This will be the biggest Gun Rights/Freedom/Open Carry meet up ever in the State of Alabama. This is as grass roots as it gets guys. Doors will open at the Northport Civic Center at 10am on July 21st and the first class, “Handgun self Defense” will start at 10:30am. At about 11:15 “Gun Law in...
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    Alabama OC'er coming to Georgia

    Hey fellers. I'm coming to your state in Nov and attending the car show in Moultrie. What if anything can I expect there? I don't know the law in Georgia as well as I do in Alabama. Maybe I'll meet an OC'er there. I have a CCW from Alabama.
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    Tuscaloosa meet up on Aug 15th at 11:30.

    Our T'town meet up will be on Monday the August 15th. We've had great success here and hope to see some new faces at this meet-up, as usual. I had a phone call from a 77 yo police instructor from here in Tuscaloosa. He told me he had know that OC was legal from way back. His only problem was...