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Recent content by Eagle-Six

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    LBL Golden Pond Target range gathering

    Hey folks. My wife and younguns have just gotten their first set of firearms. We've started going to the target range in Golden Pond near trigg county on Saturdays. If anyone would like to meet up and put some lead down range, let me know. Thought it would be fun.
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    OC and CC question.

    I've OC'd plenty when I was in KY. I had since moved to Alabama where I was forced because of crazy OC laws, to get a conceal permit. Now I have moved back to KY nd wonder if my permit from Alabama Is valid here in KY. Thanks. Sent from my Galaxy note 2 on Tapatalk.
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    New to OC in Alabama

    I recently moved to Alabama from Kentucky, where I had no issue at all with OC. I'm from here originally, but moved to KY when I joined the Army. I'm in Centre, AL near Ft. Payne and Gadsden. I'm a little confused as to the law regarding OC here. From what I can tell so far, please correct...
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    I moved back to Alabama after living in KY for several years. Been a member of this site for a while. Because of this site I OC'd in KY while I lived there, and had no issues. Now I have a question. Many years ago when I was in the Army in Afghanistan, my wife at the time wrote several bad...
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    Anti-Gun senator shoots home intruder.

    imported post So an Anti-gun senator of N.C shoots a home intruder. http://www2.timesdispatch.com/rtd/news/national/article/74-year-old_n.c._state_senator_shoots_wounds_intruder_at_his_home/287987/P10/ Long time Anti-Gun Advocate State Senator R.C. Soles, 74, shot one of two intruders at...
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    No firearms in hopkinsville mall

    imported post Never saw the very little sign in the front window. Had the LEO's called on me but when I realized it was me they were talking about on the intercom I took my weapon to my car and got my wife. the LEO said that I cannot bring any weapons in the mall includeing my pocket knife. Bummer
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    OC in paducah mall

    imported post I will be OCing in the paducah mall this sunday and going out to eat with my wife. Anyone have any experience OCing there?
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    imported post Im sorry if this sounds stupid, but I'm confused. If it is our 2A right to OC and no one can tell us otherwise, how can some places and stores prohibit us to OC there and post signs? I have heard of some places calling LEOs on people OCing and kicking them out. I thought I have...
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    Bumper Sticker

    imported post Yall have to look at these. I have to buy some http://www.cafepress.com/+guns+bumper-stickers
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    First day of OCing

    imported post Well today was first day OCing in hopkinsville. Everything was good other than the looks, but I couldnt help but feel I was breaking the law.LoL. I still have alot of friends that think Im wrong. Or even if im right that the police around here dont care and will hastle me and...
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    imported post We need to have a dinner or something near Hopkinsville, KY so I can bring my wife. Maybe she will understand then. LoL. I live in cadiz near Hoptown if this is something yall would like to do I can set it up or something.
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    OC Holsters

    imported post To OC do I need a certain type of holster, or will any hip holster work? Sorry if this is a stupid question.
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    Worried about OCing

    imported post I just bought my first handgun, a Glock 23 .40. Rerally nice. Was looking into CC but kind of costly at the moment right before christmas. I have been reading about OC and it sounds like a good idea and something I have been wanting to do so I can defend my self, my family, and my...