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Recent content by David.Car

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    Spokane Mission St liquor store

    Not my normal store, but I have been in it around a half dozen times and open carried in it 3-4 times. Entered the store open carrying on Saturday (the 2nd). Store had no patrons in it at the time, two male employees each standing at a register talking to each other. Went right to what I...
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    FS: PMC Bronze .223

    imported post 1,000 rounds PMC Bronze - .223 55gr FMJ-BT All in 20 round boxes. Located in Spokane. $360 for the case. Will split into 500 rounds lots at $190 each. Stock Photo:
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    FS: Para-Ord GI Elite 1911

    imported post Edit: Stupid title is wrong... GI EXPERT... I know... Not elite... Why can't we edit titles? Managed to sell a couple rifles, but no luck selling this at the gun show today, so onto the board. Para-Ordnance GI Expert 124 rounds fired (2x 50 round boxes + 3 mags out of a 3rd...
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    Spokane - Heard over the scanner

    imported post Police responding to a man walking around decked in camo carrying a rifle in the Northtown/Franklin Park area of Division... Which one of you knuckle heads decided this was a good idea?
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    Shots fired at Spokane police

    imported post http://www.krem.com/news/Shots-fired-at-Spokane-Police-this-morning-79978187.html
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    Washington State Convention & Trade Center

    imported post As the descripton states, just looking for some information on the Seattle Convention centers firearm policy. Going to be attending an event that will run late into the night into the early morning. Would like to have more then a pocket knife while walking the city streets at 2-3...
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    Spokane man CC uses his firearm over this weekend

    imported post Hopefully more info will come soon. But no one died. http://www.kxly.com/global/story.asp?s=10337189 " SPOKANE -- An overnight shooting lands one man in the hospital with multiple gun shot wounds and a normally quiet neighborhood with many unanswered questions. Police say a...
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    Man in VA has gun stolen while he is carrying... Openly...

    imported post http://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/police/reports/reports2006/073106robNewtonPatton.htm Man robbed in the Centreville area About 4:10 a.m. Sunday, July 30, officers were called to the area of Newton Patent Drive and Newton Tavern Drive. A 21-year-old Centreville-area man was...
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    Spokane General Store

    imported post So I found myself in the Spokane General Store again on Saturday. Having OC in there numerous times without incident. Was over at the ammo counter talking with a friend when a lady came in to return a pair of binoculars. We ended up having a short discussion, in which she was...
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    Refinished 91/30s and M44

    imported post From the BIG 5 Sporting Goods 91/30 sale and an M44 I picked up at the Spokane Gun Show. I said I would post pics when done... Well I have been done for a while but just finally decided to get the photos onto a computer and online. Starting with the M44: Than a 1942 Tula...
  11. D

    Spokane Gun Show

    imported post Made me angry today. Angry that I had bought 3 M91/30s from Big 5 when they were on sale last week. There were some people selling old WWII surplus who didn't seem to know much about any of them. He had 4 91/30s and 3 of them had hex receivers. 2 were 1929 Tulas. If I hadn't...
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    Yet another walmart post

    imported post So went into the wally world yesterday. As I was entering a female greeter asked me to hold on a minute, than called for a manager... Well I had absolutely no intention about waiting for someone else, so I asked her what this was about. Her = Is that a BB gun? Me = No Her =...
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    Man cleaning gun fires round through 3 apartments

    imported post http://www.tcpalm.com/news/2008/jul/29/vero-beach-man-cleaning-gun-sends-bullet-through-t/ "INDIAN RIVER COUNTY — An apartment resident accidentally fired his gun while cleaning it, sending a bullet through three other apartments, though no one was struck. The gun owner, Thomas...
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    Sharpshooting Spokane : Round 2

    imported post Was at a BBQ this weekend and happened to be talking to an individual who is interested in a career in law enforcement, and was talking about buying a Sig (which I own). A little later in the night I heard him talking with another individual about concealed carry and than a...
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    Spokane man shoots himself in the face

    imported post http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/localnews/2008018839_webshotface26m.html "SPOKANE — Police say a man who was drinking with friends and playing with a handgun accidentally shot himself in the face in Spokane. Police say when someone expressed concern about the gun early...