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Recent content by BobbyGun71

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    NH Gov Getting Gun Display Bill

    imported post The Senate voted Wednesday to pass the bill that would make it legal to respond to a threat by displaying a gun. It is more limited than an earlier bill that would have expanded the use of deadly force, which was vetoed by Gov. John Lynch in 2006. That proposal would have...
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    bill (H 2259)

    imported post This Bill (H 2259) includes other provisions, reducing the four firearm licenses to one and establishing 13 categories. http://www.dailynewstranscript.com/news/x562885497/Key-lawmakers-warm-to-bipartisan-bill-overhauling-gun-laws A couple of the categories includes a person...
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    Pheasant Lane Mall, (Restricted) from all weapons and Firearms even with NH License to carry

    imported post Hi everyone, I thought I should tell you that last Sunday I went to the Verizon in the Pheasant Lane Mall to pay a cell phone bill and I was approached my mall security, They asked me if I was some sort of police officer because they saw a part of my Holster with my Megastar 45 in...
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    Chapter 278: Section 8A. Killing or injuring a person unlawfully in a dwelling; defense

    imported post Hey folks, I was just browsing the usacarry.com site and just checked some of the states information, I saw that Mass has a Castle Doctrine and a stand-your-ground law, Did anyone here know this? I know we had a a Castle Doctrine law but didn't think we had a a stand-your-ground law.
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    Pennsylvania Instant Check System Challenge (PICS)

    imported post Hi everyone, I'm not sure if anyone here has been threw this but I will explain, I went threw some legal matters a few years ago, I had charges against me and went thew the courts over the years for these charges and when it came up to the last day at trial (Verdict) I was found...
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    The question isn't whether you'll be able to get a District permit to own a handgun. The question is

    imported post District residents will be able to start applying for permits to keep a handgun in the home as early as July 17, according to the District's acting Attorney General Peter Nickles. But until a gun store opens in the city, anyone who wants to buy a gun is going to have a tough...
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    Restored Rights

    imported post Arizona has a rule and it's about restoring your rights in order to legally carry a firearm in that state, Arizona will only honor a concealed firearms license from a state that on it lists of states on some conditions, My guess is that if you have a criminal record and it's been...
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    Time frame in Non-Resident NH license

    imported post I remember it took me to renew my NH non-Resident pistol license 30 days, I sent them copies of Mass resident class A LTC with no restrictions on it, Did anyone else have this problem? it Took 25 days to renew my Mass res LTC and got it with no restrictions.
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    Open carry in my car

    imported post I thought I'd bring it up, Half the time I carry concealed mostly for those cold days i heard that it is not legal for me to open carry in my car, is this really true? I understand that mass is not really an open carry state but I have been doing from 1993 till now in 2007, just...
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    Portlands Policie

    imported post I remember Packing.org had on their state license map about portland ME restriction on open carry and will not allow it, Im a mass resident and likes the state of maine a lot, I go to Portland and I hold a ccw license for maine but I still open carry everywhere even here in...
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    Purchases and Renewals

    imported post Hi everyone, Im new to this site and glad to be apart of this fourm, My question is about if you ever had to appear in court for a criminal reasons and if you were found Not guilty of all charges should you have to worry about purchase or renewal of your mass LTC even after you...