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Recent content by bob888

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    Anyone up for a Open Carry picnic in DC on August 2nd?

    I'm just trying to gauge the interest of a picnic somewhere in DC? Vincent Gray, Cathy Lanier, and the DC City Hall are currently scrambling to come up with new laws and talking points related to gun control; so, I propose a date of Saturday August 2nd. Anyone interested? :)
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    SMH: The things you hear

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    How to handle a civil court deposition...

    As of this posting, there is a gentleman in Jonesboro AR who is only a week away from a full blown civil trial against a debt collector. The guy recently posted a very long video of (most of) his deposition that he gave recently. Most of the video contains mundane dialog, but it does contain...
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    Assault Sporks for sale on eBay! Get 'em before Feinstein bans them!

    No, really: http://r.ebay.com/jNISPF Also, Q&A's on the above item: LINK
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    Meat market owner in Canton OH versus armed thieves. Score: 2-0

    This is the second time the owner has been targeted for a robbery in less than a year. Fortunately, the owner (and his associates) win again. Link: Meat market robbery ends in gun battle
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    Holster for XDM 4-1/2 .45ACP

    I personally use a holster by Brand X. They are all made of nylon outers and felt inners, level 2 with thumb breaks, and comes in several sizes. The one that fits my XDM 4.5" 45 is their size A6.