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Senate Committee hearings Mon 3/4 @1030am (be there early)


Regular Member
Aug 3, 2012
Northglenn, Colorado
The four bills will be heard during two simultaneous Senate committee hearings Monday, 1030am, sign ups at 930am to speak in the Capitol. One is on the 3rd floor other is on 2nd floor. They split the magazine ban to one and the CCW ban to the other, quite likely to prevent you from speaking up on both.

It is IMPERATIVE that you make your voice heard. Word is that Cheri Jahn and Lois Tochtrop are voting against the magazine ban - this means we only need one more Senator to vote it down to defeat it.

The CCW ban on Colorado campuses is an equally bad bill - NO ONE has misused their weapon there, but banning the practice will leave Colorado campuses open to a VA Tech style shooting, as well as jeopardizing the individual safety of students traveling campus at night.

Its vital that we pack the Capitol building and make it abundantly clear that far more people oppose this ill-thought out legislation than are for it. Its basically a law buy by Bloomberg to make Denver and Colorado a carnal house like NYC. Attending rallies is great, but if you really want to be heard - TESTIFY.

Be concise, respectful and make sure you've got facts to make logical valid arguments and be prepared to thwart the assertions of anti-gun rhetoric. IE the "gun is 43X )or 4X whatever BS number they use) to hurt someone in the home than shoot an intruder" - well considering suicides aren't homicides that gets rid of 9/10ths of their weighted stat, plus most defenses involve scaring off an intruder. At the very minimum 270 felons are killed a year by citizens up to 1500/2800 pre-1990 depending on year, many more wounded and a great many more driven off. 871 people were killed accidently last year, but the number of times criminals are killed vs wounded or driver away is less than 1/1000 so that gives you at a minimum 270,000 defensive uses of firearms to balance that out.