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"Jesus Saves" t-Shirt wearing preacher kicked out (or not) of Mall of America


Accomplished Advocate
Aug 17, 2006
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
I thought the USSC had ruled that such places were the new "public square"?

(headline says he was kicked out, bullet points says he was allowed to stay...?)


Regular Member
Oct 29, 2008
Montgomery, Alabama, USA
Gave me a flashback to the time, many years ago, that I was working in a shipyard on the Gulf Coast. We had a large population of "preachers" who made a habit of writing "Jesus Saves" on, of all places" the walls of the latrines. We also had a few heathen who would go behind them and write "S&H Green Stamps" right under.:LOL:

Scary Guy

New member
Jun 22, 2022
Detroit, MI
I mean I support the freedom of speech, even if I don't agree with the message. But was he kicked out because of the shirt? Or was it because he was harassing customers? From the article it just sounds like he was loitering and accosting people with paper.

If he's hearing voices he probably doesn't need to be around people anyway. He needs to take his scizo meds.