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From the frying pan - -


Regular Member
Jun 22, 2017
Planet Earth
- - to the fire.
With "Loony Lori's" re-election loss (the 1st in 40 years !), Chicago may be in even bigger trouble. From what I have read from the Illinois Policy Institute, Vallas is/was in the employ of the Chicago Teachers Union and they were one of the biggest "supporters/instigators" for the recently passed Amendment 1. This is the PoS that gives the union bosses more power than the state's legislators.
On the other hand, Johnson is reported to be an ardent marxist.
God help Chicago (and IL-ANNOY).

color of law

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Oct 7, 2007
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
What are they going to do when the FOID card is found unconstitutional and all their other radical gun laws are shot down as violating the constitution?
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