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BamaCarry, INC meets with AG

Eddie Fulmer

Regular Member
Mar 23, 2011
Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Probably a month ago the AG contacted us, BamaCarry, INC and wanted a 2nd meeting on Jan 7. Of course we agreed and then on Dec 29 I received a message from Luther that all complaints had been answered and at this stage another meeting wouldn’t be needed and we’ll get together later in the year. My response was, I still have complaints that haven’t been answered and there are others out there also. I especially mentioned the one against the city of Northport where I live. 2 days ago I received an email from the AG’s secretary asking for the names of those who would be coming. What? Well it appears we lost connection somewhere but we scrambled and made it to the meeting this morning. Arriving about 10:15 for our 10:30 appointment we made it through the scanners and into the foyer. Dennis Stacy and I sat down while Robert Kennedy engaged the “security” officers there in the history of the building. In a few minutes we were escorted into a conference room and met with Luther Strange, asst AG Monica S. Sheeler and another guy whose name I can’t remember. We exchanged pleasantries and chatted a bit before I produced 2 more complaints, one a repeat of the Northport complaint. It was interesting that now, at this meeting, they found the reply of my initial complaint and presented it to me. Northport has responded by saying they had “new” signs and were now in compliance. In their letter, which I have a copy, they acknowledge they have no authority to prevent anyone from entering unless a council meeting is going on. In the “new: complaint I handed to her I had included pictures of the new sign. We’ll see on this one. As for the Rest Stops we’d asked/complained about we were assured all would be brought into compliance. I posted the reply I received on the one I complained about in Madison County on I-65 a while back. We took this to mean all the signs at all the rest stops were coming down. Should have clarified that further but at the time that seemed the answer we were looking for. You can be proud of your board members as we conducted our selves in a professional manor and, I believe, were received well. Luther told us he had thought for years you could carry in a vehicle with out a permit. Robert was able to educate the AG very well on this with a short history lesson and Luther told us he had learned something today he didn’t know. His disdain with the ASA was apparent when we talked about permit-less vehicle carry. I told him they would be the major roadblock we’d incur. All 3 of us were able to communicate what BamaCarry was and what we wanted in a very positive manor I believe. Luther wants to keep in touch with us by having meetings on a quarterly basis. I thought this was a great idea. He seemed to be sincere when saying he wanted to get these complaints taken care of for the citizens/BamaCarry. I believe he backed this up by his assigning us one of the Assistant AG’s. I’ve already received a thank you from Monica, and encouragement to send her anything we have a problem with.

I’ve never known how many complaints BamaCarry members sent in. They told us not many, but we didn’t get a number. Now we have a confirmation they will be answered, and there’s no reason not to make sure, as best as we can, these rogue cities/counties are brought in line with the law.

How can YOU help? By downloading the file titled “AGcomplaintform” in our file section and filing it out! Only takes about 10 minutes. If you have pictures or anything else to add you can and it will probably make things go smoother. If you do file a complaint I’d really appreciate it if you’d send me a copy so I can keep up with them. I believe some were “lost” before it became apparent we were not going away. We are now a bigger group and that makes a difference too. So, all those places you’ve complained about on FB….carry through by filing a complaint. They are waiting to hear from BamaCarry so let’s not disappoint them.

We Dare Defend Our Rights
Eddie Fulmer Pres BamaCarry, INC


Campaign Veteran
Jul 31, 2011
There's no "Thanks" button, so I'm going to waste a post to say it. Sounds like you guys are being diligent and thorough, and making progress against the culture of government usurpation of power. Well done.