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Recent content by Tackett

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    Thought I would share my display.

    An impromptu display of my two pride and joy Mosins. The wife let me hang them up. The top one is a 1930 ex dragoon And the bottom is a 1928 Tula 5 line MO double date. And before anyone says anything about gun safety. The firing pins have been swapped with a couple that I ground down...
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    So, how safe before it becomes a hinderance?

    So, here's a question. How safe is too safe? The only gun I have readily available is my carry. I can't carry to work, so my gun sits in a quick access safe mounted to the wall. I carry when I'm off work obviously. So how safe is too safe? Is a triple retention holster and a quick access...
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    I can't find a freakin holster.

    This is driving me crazy. I have been through so many holsters its driving me crazy. I just haven't found the "one" yet. 1: a simple snap bulldog holster. Loved the simplicity and ease of use. Didn't love the lack of security or the way it hung away from my body. 2: drop leg thumb...