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Recent content by SigPacker

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    CenturyLink Metal Detectors now at Sounders Games!!!

    This sucks!!! http://www.soundersfc.com/news/articles/2013/06-june/sounders-to-emply-metal-detectors.aspx
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    Would you open carry this - suppressor OC?

    Supressor open carry? Holster is a Hogue Speed Holster - dremeled a bit for the TiRant. First photos is with the drop holster - next 2 is with the non-drop adapter... I would not suggest this for anything other than a Israeli carry or 1911 or similar with a grip safety... when you sit down...
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    Great OC at Bellesquare Mall Apple Store....

    Not me... but Shelley from West Coast Armory... http://j.mp/eTJwae Great Read!!!
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    My New Carry Toy! Sig 226R Elite Stainless....

    Well I found one for a price I could not pass up - had to sell my AR15 for it but here it is... this thing is a tack driver - shoots better than anything else I have ever shot... came with 12 magazines, 2 barrels (.40s&w/.357SiG) and a 9mm barrel is on its way! Hoping to use it for IDPA...
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    A home invasion averted by female with a gun!

    imported post Noticed this in the West Seattle Blog this AM http://westseattleblog.com/2010/04/west-seattle-crime-watch-wheel-stealers-burglar-scared-off#more-34483
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    WTS 7" Chris Reeve Green Beret Knife

    imported post This is an awesome knife and I hate to sell it - I just need the funds to get more sets for my photo studio... First $240 gets it! SP
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    Could someone please start a "Criminals for Gun Control" Organization?

    imported post This is a work in progress but a nice letter like this from a "criminal organization" to companies that ban guns to perhaps make them see "the light" I hope you all see the sarcasm in this letter!
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    WTS: Sig 229 2 tone with .357SiG and .40 Barrels

    imported post I have an excellent condition Sig 229 2 tone with 2 magazines, a 357Sig Barrel and .40 barrel + hogue grips for sale... SOLD! :) SP
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    WTS: FN AR 5.7 Upper (with 2 mags)

    imported post Sold!!
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    I am not at liberty to answer your question...

    imported post I was open carrying in the federal way area, walking my german shepherd, a random person was commenting on the dog, and asked... Are you a cop? I said no... I'm independent... / who are you with he asks? my response - "I am not at liberty to answer your question... " His response...
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    Why open carry?

    imported post Why do you open carry? In my business (photographer of liberal trained high school seniors) I can't most of the time during the day except quick runs to the gas stations or store.... What's your best answer 140 characters or less. (then perhaps a longer explanation) SP
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    WTS: Ruger Mini 14, Scope and 2 mags (WA)

    imported post Up for sale are 3 of my guns, Ruger Mini 14 with collapsible stock, 2 mags and a 4x Swift scope. Its in okay shape, the rubberized stock is pretty scratched up, but new ones can be had for cheap... SOLD --- Firestar M45/Starvel Finish with 3 magazines (one 6 round and 2-10...
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    WTS - Rare Colt Mustang Pocketlite

    imported post Colt Mustang Mk IV .380 - Excellent condition comes with 2 mags! $750 or will trade for equivalent amount in gold.
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    Open carry... fun at the gas station...

    imported post I had to run out for a bit this evening to get gas and some beer... (it was a long day) decided to bring my dog (7 month old East German/Czech Black Sable purebred German Shepherd - Codename: Juno) and open carry my Sig 229 .357SiG. Im wearing formal gray dress pants, black Polo...
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    Good Video RE: Seattle Gun Ban on seattlechannel.org

    imported post Alan Gottlieb from SAF picks apart the seattle gun ban... http://www.seattlechannel.org/videos/video.asp?ID=3060913