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Recent content by petrophase

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    Might be moving to Libby, or Trout Creek, or Troy...

    Strong possibility that my wife and I might be moving from SD to Libby, or one of the other communities listed above? What are they like? We're coming from Rapid City in the Black Hills. moving for my job.
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    Spotted Another Unicorn Rapid City Cabelas

    Spotted another Unicorn last night at the Rapid City Cabelas. Beard, white trucker hat, carrying and XD or Glock in a green Serpa. Didn't get a chance to say hello, but if you're on the forum, Carry On!
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    S&w 329 pd

    Anyone have any experience with the S&W329 PD 44 Mag? It is extremely lightweight, the one I handled felt like it weighed less than an LCR. It would not be a range gun, but a typical magic bear gun for some fly fishing trips to WY and MT I'm taking this year. It seems well made, but it's so...
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    What gives, Indiana?

    http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/01/17/richard-lugar-assault-weapons-ban_n_810097.html One of your senators, Richard Lugar ("R") made a statement recently in support of reinstating the AWB. Is this a surprise, or is he a long-time RINO?
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    Lost my faith in Serpa CQC

    My significant other and I have been working on refining our retention skills. I usually carry my p229 in a Galco Fletch (leather OWB with a retention strap), though in warm weather I often carry a Serpa CQC. We decided to test how well each holster aided retention under a variety of standing...
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    Opening an Indoor Firing Range - anyone here ever done it?

    Myself and a few others were thinking that it might be profitable to open an indoor range in my town. There are currently only two such ranges, and they are open to police and military only. I was wondering if anyone on the forum has ever developed a commercial or private range, and if you would...
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    Giffords Shootng Rumor: did an armed citizen engage the suspect?

    The rumor is that an armed citizen, possibly OCing, either tackled and/or shot at the suspect. The forums are going back and forth. Are there any official reports or reliable reports from local or national news outlets that confirm or deny this rumor? Any reliable links to this information?
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    How do you carry in the winter?

    It's cold where I live, so we wear heavy coats. I'm not a fan of drop holsters, so I am effectively CCing most of the winter. Of course, this premise is likely irrelevant to those of you who live in places with warm winters.
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    Following the Blain's Farm and Fleet "Campaign?"

    Is anybody outside of the WI forum following the comment campaign going on against the no-weapons policy at Blain's Farm and Fleet? http://www.facebook.com/BlainsFarmandFleet Has BFF issued any statements since new years?
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    Column on Open Carry on GunsMagazine.com

    Pro-OC column published "February 2011." Came across it, thought others might be interested. Sorry if it's a repost. http://www.gunsmagazine.com/GUNSRights.html
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    Traffic Cameras: 4A Violation?

    I just noticed that Rapid City has placed cameras at the intersection by my place. People seem to take it for granted that their government can continuously monitor them in public, or that private interests (e.g. Google) can publish images of their property. To hear proponents of traffic...
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    "Air passenger charged after bullet primer caps ignite" from CNN.com

    Any other reloaders on here? It sounds to me like the baggage handler must have been handling the passengers belongings roughly. My concern is that this incident will lead to increased restrictions on the transport of ammunition. It's more disconcerting to read between the lines and realize how...
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    Spotted a Unicorn

    A few weeks ago at the Rapid City Sams Club I spotted a unicorn: white guy, mid-twenties, OCing an XD in a Serpa CQC. We had a short but pleasant conversation. Apparently, he started OCing after being mugged, twice, outside of the RC Walmart. He had not heard of OCDO so I informed him. Hopefully...
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    Good news, now it's time to get this done here!

    http://www.codyenterprise.com/news/local/article_8e2ff5f4-031d-11e0-909b-001cc4c002e0.html It looks like the Cody, WY, city council has decided to fall in with state law and permit firearms, open or concealed, at the Cody Rec Center. Like WY, SD has complete state preemption of gun laws...
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    What's new?

    What's new with folks? I went to Albuquerque, New Mexico for Thanksgiving. Didn't OC as I was with tons of my future extended in-laws and didn't feel it was worth risking police attention while with them. Call me chicken$#!% if you must :)