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Recent content by OneForAll

  1. OneForAll

    OC in a police station?

    Was going to go up to the local PD. While speaking with a supervisor over the phone, he asked if I would be armed? I said yes... I have a CPL and intended to open carry as it's to hot to deal with a IWB leather holster today. His response was as follows, "If you carry your firearm into the...
  2. OneForAll

    Repeal the NFA and Hughes Amendment Petitions

    https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/repeal-nfa https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/repeal-1986-hughes-amendment
  3. OneForAll

    Repeal the NFA Petition

  4. OneForAll

    Purchasing a Firearm Without a CPL.

    My roommate from college wife's interested in purchasing her first firearm this weekend. He as well as I both have our CPL's, and for the life of us do not remember what she has to do. If I remember correctly, she just goes to the store and purchases her selection. Then keeps her copy of the...
  5. OneForAll

    Ups / ffl?

    My wife stopped by a UPS place today to ship a firearm to a gunsmith for me. I wanted to pay the extra for insurance. When my wife asked for the insurance, the person behind the counter stated that he had to know what was in the package. After she told the person what I was shipping, they...
  6. OneForAll

    Mailing in pistol sales record slip.

    Bought a Beretta 92FS M9A1, and want to mail in the slip because I hate taking my family to Flint to hand it in, in person. I was thinking I should send it certified mail as so I would have a tracking number for it when it gets delivered, and they would have to sign for it. Will this work, or...
  7. OneForAll

    Transferring firearms?

    How does one legally gain possession of a pistol after their father passes? Someone, we all know was willed his fathers Colt .45 LC. How would he, or anyone else legally register the pistol to themselves?
  8. OneForAll

    Tanker explosion in Davison, Michigan.

    Yesterday this happened..... http://www.abc12.com/story/24347559/i-69-near-tanker-explosion-remains-closed I was contacted by my townhouse manager, and ordered to evacuate immediately! Called my wife at work, her boss was nice enough to allow her to leave to pick up me, my 7, 5, 3 year old...
  9. OneForAll

    Carrying firearms at relatives residence.

    Try reading my post again..... I was pointing out that posters are once again claiming a "Stainless" presence in the force. The reason for my comment of losing the debate is you don't have to be right in the argument to win the debate. (just watch any presidential debate and you'll put at...
  10. OneForAll

    Carrying firearms at relatives residence.

    My grandfather is passing and I am staying with him, as so my elderly grandmother has a support system and help with everything that needs to be done. Stainless mentioned to ask this here.....(lol at the comments that will be posted because his name was dropped), My wife does not have a CPL...
  11. OneForAll

    Policy at my kids school.

    Here is scanned copy of the policy.
  12. OneForAll

    Policy at my kids school.

    My son goes to Head Start at a public school in Davison MI. Today he came home with a booklet in which it stated this, I. Guns, firearms, and ammunition A. Anyone, Parent, Child, Visitor, or employee, found to be in the possession of a firearm or ammunition during Head Start programming, or...
  13. OneForAll

    Obama is after our concealed pistol rights.

    Here we go.... http://nationalreport.net/obama-blasts-gun-toting-americans-vows-concealed-carry-restrictions/
  14. OneForAll

    My wake up call.

    This morning my wife woke me up with the phone, I woke and said good morning of course. On the phone was my apartment manager asking me if I owned a gun? We already spoke on this matter before and wondering why she forgot, I reminded her yes I do own and carry a gun daily. She tried...
  15. OneForAll

    Carrying question?

    My family has a family reunion every year at the Highland Recreation state park in Highland, MI. This year the person who is hosting it, and rented the pavilion expressed to me that if I were to show up carrying that they would contact DNR and the police to have me removed from the festivities...