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Recent content by Johnny_B

  1. J

    Finally OCed for the First Time

    imported post So, yes, finally open carried. Went to Win-Dixi to get a few things for dinner tonight, nothing happened at all, only thing I learned is i need to reposition my DVR, but other than that it was uneventful. no :shock: or :what:or :uhoh: looks at all (though I admit I didn't turn...
  2. J

    Got my Permit

    imported post Yup, got my permit in the mail, was mailed on the 26th, but isn't issued until the 1st of august :( Sigh...just a few more days though :) Edit: From Application date to issue date was 46 days
  3. J

    Open carry on super talk NOW!

    imported post http://www.supertalkms.com/audio He's suppose to talk about Open Carry, he's talking about CC right now but lets see
  4. J

    Just talked to a DPS attourny

    imported post Well, yup, just got off the phone with Mr. Jim Younger, nice guy, tried to help as best he could and tried to point me to statues (That I had prepared to talk to him). And he talked about Chief Justice Lee's opinion about carrying in a belt, holster, throng, ect. So no real...
  5. J

    Deflected by the AGO...AGAIN

    imported post This takes the cake for me :cuss::cuss: Could I have worded it better? Maybe, but I got what I wanted to ask in, I think, simple terms for them... ******************************** >>> <****@*****> 7/22/2009 10:09 AM >>> I am writing to ask a question regarding the definitions...
  6. J

    Need Help finding Chief Justice Lee's ruling

    imported post Now I've trolled the forums a bit, and tried extensively looking for this ruling of "L.M., Jr. v. State" The only reference I can find of it is on OCDO, now I know this case was before the internet bang, so that's understandable, and MS SC pages only go back to 96 or so. In short...
  7. J

    Voice Recording Consent in Ms

    imported post I know most people say, "Cover your ass :what:" and notify people etc. at al and what not. However, the limited information I've been able to find says that Mississippi is a One-Party consent state for oral communications. I'm sure that's mostly directed at recording phone lines...
  8. J

    Looking for a tac light holster...

    imported post Looking for a holster to take a tac light on a Beretta Px4, while I wait on my permission slip to carry in Mississippi (don't get me started on "concealed in part" in Ms...:banghead:) the only one I found that wasn't a PoS was this...
  9. J

    Standing in line for firearms permit...

    imported post Yup so I finally put it in. Didn't really talk to the officer fingerprinting cause I didn't feel like getting lectured and wanted to get my paperwork in without any trouble from him, after he shut down the firearms permit for the week I started talking to the guys in line. Wanted...
  10. J

    Letter to state legislature

    imported post I sent a letter to the heads of the Senate and House Judiciary B committee’s, I don't necessarily think that it'll get anything done, but you have to try right? Here’s what I wrote: To Mr. Tollison and Bailey, I am writing this letter to you in hopes that the SEC. 97-37-1...
  11. J

    MS Firearm Permit & Traffic stops

    imported post I'm not going to name names here because I consider myself a friend of the LEO I talk to, and I completly understand his position, respect it, and would probably do the same. As he says "I'm going to bed tonight in my own home" However, as he explained when you get pulled in a...
  12. J

    Just got my first hangun!

    imported post Just got my first handgun, and when I get my permission slip from the state I'll be carrying, still debating on OC or CC tho (Even though my ENTIRE family is against it, for the 2nd but not for every day carry on person) I've gotten some bad stories from Ms OCers, though there...
  13. J

    A few questions

    imported post I'm new to opencarry.org here, and have a few questions related to how I should handle myself once I get my permission slip and start myself on my adventure OCing. A friend of mine is a cop and basically told me if he saw someone (not me cause he knows me) open carrying around...