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Recent content by griffin

  1. griffin

    Port Huron PD hosting a buyback program

    Not accurate. A firearm can be purchased with the intent to be gifted to another and that is legal. If you buy a firearm then decide to sell it later that is also legal (as you said, the original intent was not to resell). From the 4473:
  2. griffin

    Port Huron PD hosting a buyback program

    eye95, a straw purchase is buying a gun for someone else using that person's money. Buying a gun for someone else to gift (or sell later because you decided you didn't like the gun) isn't a straw purchase. Of course, buying a selling a lot of guns could be construed by the ATF as a business...
  3. griffin

    Under the influence

    There is no exception specifically written under the CC or possession laws. I suspect that the shooting someone was meant to be for negligent discharge, but it doesn't specifically read that way. In the possession MCL it states: (c) Because of the consumption of alcoholic liquor, a controlled...
  4. griffin

    Under the influence

    Okay, here are the MCLs. Concealed Carry .02 BAC is the limit for carrying a concealed pistol. http://legislature.mi.gov/doc.aspx?mcl-28-425k .02 or greater is a civil infraction with a one year CPL suspension. .08 or greater is a misdemeanor with a three year CPL suspension. .10 or greater is...
  5. griffin

    Slideshow from the meetup!

    Michigander, I personally invite you to come to the banquet. You can sit with me and my wife. We have a lot to discuss.
  6. griffin

    Slideshow from the meetup!

    All I can say is I did not write that. In fairness to the writer, the statement was that from that original meeting 1.5 years prior, Michigan Open Carry, Incorporated was born. This is the tenth anniversary of MOC, Inc. (which I believe was incorporated in March 2009 if memory serves). This...
  7. griffin

    Under the influence

    In Michigan it's tricky. The legal limit for CC is .02, for OC it's .08. However there is wording that says under the influence so you can be cited for even less than the "legal limit." If I get a chance I'll come back and post the MCLs.
  8. griffin

    Slideshow from the meetup!

    Michigander and EC, the info in the notice came from Brian Jeffs. As for the banquet, it's been in the planning stages for quite a while. And it's not the 10 year anniversary of the first meeting, I believe it's the 10 year anniversary of MOC's incorporation, hence 2009 - 2019.
  9. griffin

    Long guns in vehicles

    Mods, please forbear my LG question. I am not aware of a better place to ask it (at least one that I am a member of). Are loaded long guns permitted in vehicles in Arizona? I ask because I am thinking about traveling to some potentially dicey areas in October (two or three weeks). Thanks.
  10. griffin

    Minnesota gun rights organizations?

    Hey all, I'm from Michigan but looking for some contact info/web links on any gun rights organizations in Minnesota. This OCDO sub-forum doesn't seem to get too much traffic, but I'm assuming CC is at least popular. Thanks.
  11. griffin

    MOC Newsletter January 2015 published!

    The latest (and last) edition of the Michigan Open Carry Newsletter has just been published! Issue No. 5 is filled with original articles as well as over 250 hyperlinks to additional content! • Winning the Battle and Losing the War – should we refuse to patronize certain businesses? Maybe...
  12. griffin

    MOC Newsletter July 2014 published!

    The latest edition of the Michigan Open Carry Newsletter has just been published! Filled with original articles as well as 250 hyperlinks to additional content, Issue No. 4 has something for everyone! • Gun Ownership By The Numbers: An Analysis – just how many guns are in the United States...
  13. griffin

    MOC Newsletter Jan 2014 published!

    The long awaited third issue of the Michigan Open Carry newsletter has been published! Click below for TOC and to download the newsletter. http://us4.campaign-archive1.com/?u=710075bba75b914b805e1861a&id=f63a8c600a
  14. griffin

    Bowling Green OC (and CC)

    I'll be visiting Bowling Green for two months soon, and will be OCing (and CCing) around town and sightseeing on weekends. I did a search here and as far as I can tell there don't appear to be any problems with LEOs regarding OCers around the Bowling Green area, but just thought I'd mention it...
  15. griffin

    MOC Newsletter

    The first Michigan Open Carry (MOC) Newsletter has been published containing legislative news, reviews, and other unique content from Michigan residents. If you are interested, sign up for the MOC alerts and subscribe to the "newsletter."