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Recent content by deanf

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    CPL V. WDL

    #LOL #OMG Seriously?
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    Carrying while wearing a mask??

    The police are open carrying while masked so . . .
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    Carrying while wearing a mask??

    WAC Title 516 is administrative rules for Western Washington University. It's not criminal code.
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    What no uproar over WA HB 2240 or SB 6077

    Do I know you?
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    What no uproar over WA HB 2240 or SB 6077

    Yes much fervor about Virginia but not "boo" is said about Washington, where worse is happening. NRA even left Washington completely off their most recent update email.
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    Retired Federal Way LE suing Tacoma Dome for not allowing him in w/firearm

    He's barking up the wrong tree. It's a private property rule that prevented him from carrying. A condition of entry imposed on him by the concert promoter, the lessee of the facility. While they're leasing it, they can operate as the property owner, and prohibit whomever they want.
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    Pawn shop and my AR..denied pickup?

    Why are you telling us?
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    Firearms Safety is Key to our Continued Freedoms

    It's not the time. It's the noise and commotion, however slight, caused by chambering a round. There is great potential for deer to be quite close when presenting themselves for harvest. Close enough that noise/movement from chambering would spook them, never to be seen again. Snicking the...
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    Firearms Safety is Key to our Continued Freedoms

    "Noted". LOL. Ooohhh scary! It is your insular ideas that I find boring.
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    Firearms Safety is Key to our Continued Freedoms

    Yawn . . . . .
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    Firearms Safety is Key to our Continued Freedoms

    This is not always possible. Not everyone hunts by spotting from a great distance then stalking. Sometimes the sigh picture only presents itself momentarily. Such a situation doesn't lend itself to an unloaded rifle.
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    King County unveils new 'gun safety action plan'

    [/FONT][/COLOR] Link. And . . . [/LIST] Link.
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    Seattle Open Carry March 20 MAY 2018

    Facebook Page Just passing this along. I know nothing about it other than what is at the FB event page.
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    What if I make my SBR outside of city limits?

    ATF requires the city and state of making as part of the engraving so . . . . I will be making mine outside of any city, in an unincorporated areA (county). Do I use the county? "BUSTED WHISTLE COUNTY, MT"?
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    Link Transit bans open carry in violation of Washington State law - Action Item!

    Well it appears Link Transit has dug their heels in on this, today . . . :