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Recent content by cabman1

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    Michigan open carry picnic

    Open carry picnic in Jackson Michigan scheduled august 18th.. that is on a Saturday starting time noon..Loomis park with is on the corner of Edgewood and east ganson in Jackson Michigan..the last picnic there we educated alot of people on open carrying.. So bring the family out for a picnic...
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    New pro second amendment group !!!!

    There is a new pro 2nd amendment group forming it has a great president he has alot of knowledge on open carry also.. Memberships are also available!!! John will do great things (Citizens League For Self Defense) http://www.citizensleaguesd.com/
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    A friend in need

    I have a friend that has fallen on hard times and is about to turn 21.. He wants to get his cpl.. His mom got real sick and he had to quit his job to stay home with her so he is not able to come up with the full 150.00.. I was posting to see if anyone wanted to help me out on getting his cpl?
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    has anyone had a problem posting on here???

    My friend Ghostrider can not post has anyone not able to post????
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    4th of july

    imported post New Era 4th of July membership drive come on people its coming up lets do this one big
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    these are the people we need to go after

    imported post If we wanna be taken seriously!!! These are the people we need to go after. Picnics are nice but heres where we need to be!!!!! by go after i meant that these are the people we need to educate on the laws of open carry I understand how the other sounded or could have sounded...
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    imported post Michigan open carry t-shirts are here sizes M-XL-2XL-3XL-4XL PRICE $20.00 PLUS SHIPPING OR YOU CAN PIC THEM UP http://s289.photobucket.com/albums/ll213/gac19742000/MICHIGAN%20OPEN%20CARRY%20T-SHIRTS/
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    Hillsdale picnic!!! July 17th

    imported post ok got with the regional coordinator he said that July 17th from 1pm till? sounded like a great day for a picnic. It is a Saturday now all we need is a place would love to have it in a park!!! Easy to find!
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    large membership on the 4th of july

    imported post We are doing well on the membership on the East-side of the state and after the warm welcome we got in new era I say we have good momentum going there lets keep it going. So I say on the 4th we need to do a large membership drive and firearms awareness in Oceana county. We do...
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    asparagus festival Hart, Michigan

    imported post http://www.nationalasparagusfestival.org/ Let's go. I know its short notice But lets try and make a good showing!!!!
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    news articals

    imported post where did all the news articals go that were stickied here? I know there is one on moc where did this one go?
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    South haven court case

    imported post On Fri, May 28, 2010 at 8:36 AM, Joel E. Fulton sent a message using the contact form at http://www.michiganopencarry.org/contact. On September 13th, 2009 during an Open Carry Picnic at the beach in South Haven, Jonathan Sager experienced an unintentional discharge of his...
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    What does everyone think

    imported post thinking about using this as a banner for memorial day parade !I would also like the veteran's to chime in on what they think no bashing please!!!
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    memorial day membership drive ---posible picnics

    imported post membership drive in 3 tri-county area location memorial day http://forums.michiganopencarry.org/index.php?topic=253.0 please respond on our website!!
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    wilx.com poll

    imported post they want to know if there should be extensive training before one should be able to open carry!!!!