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Recent content by 09jisaac

  1. 09jisaac

    Custom "gunsmith" sues forum and poster for bad review.

    There isn't much details as of yet, but (as I understand it) Tactical Rifles of Florida is suing Marc Soulie of Spartan Precision Rifles for the "Bad out of the Box" youtube review. Also named in the suit is the owners and moderator of Sniper's Hide, and Sniper's Hide LLC for allowing this bad...
  2. 09jisaac

    Unfortunate Situation Leads to Favorable Outcome

    Sorry for the long post, but here it is: I just got back from the Louisa Walmart where the cops were called, a fed up Asst Manager and a (small) scene. As I walked into Walmart I noticed three men a head of me. I would place their age between 16-18. Maybe children would be more of an...
  3. 09jisaac

    CCing without physical license

    I just received my letter today (tonight 9:50) stating that my CDWL (Kentucky) was reinstated. Before I received this information I was planning on transporting the normal Ohio way, but now I am hoping to carry it transport it concealed (basically just loaded). I will be leaving for Ohio...
  4. 09jisaac

    Physical appearance and OC

  5. 09jisaac

    CDWL Revoked

    I found out recently that my concealed carry license was revoked. I guess it never was good. I was in frankfort on business and decided to check out the capitol building. You could imagine my shock when they told me my CCDW was revoked. I was stunned. I was standing there openly carrying a...
  6. 09jisaac

    Two OC events in Louisville

    That would be a bit awkward. I can just imagine trying to have a park clean-up, or something like that, with a man dressed like a Las Vegas showgirl. Drake at the recent OC event:
  7. 09jisaac

    Lawrence County tries to fix ordinance, fall short, goes ahead anyways.

    The ordinance summitted to the fiscal court was, to say the least, a bit lacking. It included two mentions of "concealed or otherwise" and still included the same enforcement section of the previous ordinance. Basically the same exact ordinance. Naturally I pointed this out. My proposal to just...
  8. 09jisaac

    Lawrence County backs down..... too bad

    I read today in the Big Sandy printed newspaper than Lawrence county decided Monday Nov 19 that they will not be pursuing this in court but will revise their current ordinance to come into compliance with state law. This was a disappointment to me because I was hoping to get some politicians...
  9. 09jisaac

    Shooting/Gun Related Quilt

    This was suppose to be my christmas present, last year. When it is finished it is going to be a thick winter blanket. It is roughly 4x8 now and will be 6x8 (more to wrap up in) when it is done. She decided to show me at the first of winter so I'll have it for the cold nights that she is away at...
  10. 09jisaac

    Lawrence county at it again!

    From the Levisa Lazer: This is getting on my nerves. I didn't get the chance to go to this meeting so I don't know anymore than this article. Also, I think someone told me that fiscal courts cannot pass an ordinance (1st or 2nd reading) during a special meeting. Did I just imagine that or can...
  11. 09jisaac


    I tried messaging you but I don't think you read your messages. I am heading to lexington tuesday and I would appreciate that audio file. I believe the last attempt was lost in the mail. As indicated in the messages I am willing to pay the cost to get that information. I would even drive up...
  12. 09jisaac

    The way to carry in a vehicle

    My girlfriend is starting school an hour and a half away. Naturally I would not want her making this journey without proper precautions. I checked all of her fluids and made sure she kept some extra with her, I checked the spare tire and taught her out to change it and now she has a pair of...
  13. 09jisaac

    Post Office

    This is a two part thread. The first part is, as we all know is it is illegal to carry a firearm into a USPS post office but do you carry your holsters in (if you have to go in) or do you leave that outside with your carry piece? What brought this up was recently I had to go into the post...
  14. 09jisaac

    Driving through Virginia

    I will be driving through Virginia in a couple of days and just want to make certain that I know the laws. I have searched through the threads and just want to make sure. I have a valid Kentucky concealed carry license, do not have any felony charges/convictions and I never drink alcohol...
  15. 09jisaac

    Lawrence County fiscal court

    Lawrence county, as of last fiscal court meeting, didn't act on their ordinance at all. They know that they have 6 months after this statute takes effect to act on it without liability. So they voted to "shelf" it. Hogan also suggested that he challenges this statute's legitimacy. He ask the...