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Stacie says that the flute repair guy is David Wilson. 434-242-0349 mobile. Office 434-975-1989. dgwrw@earthlink.net
AB Repair Services, Inc. Charlottesville, Va
Am I asking a really dumb question here? It seems to me like our gun laws especially pertaining to schools have all kinds of gray areas and problems. Maybe it's just me.
Hi Doug good to heard from you. Know all about the elbow thing had the same injury to my left one a year ago took me many months to get over it.

I am still careful with it Just this morning I felt a twinge in it and backed off what I was doing.

I fully under stand the travel thing.

Hope your new instructor works out for you

Take care

Hi, this is Doug from Tomahawk. Sherry and I came up in June for some training from you. I tore some ligaments in my right elbow, so not shooting much but ready to start again. I also found a guy close by who does training so I think I will give him a try. It's a distance thing, I was more than pleased with the day and what you provided for us. If you need any referrals I would be happy to put in a good word for you! Holed up in Vegas right now waiting for traffic to die down to go into LA later tonight. I might come back if this guy isn't what I'm looking for. I know I mentioned October/September but probably not coming up now. Just so you know. Stay safe!

Doug and Sherry Baker
I have dual residency in North Georgia and Florida. Retired Law Enforcement with a Florida DL and CCW permit. My Florida DL shows my Ga.address. I use Florida as my primary residence since I go back and forth with abit more time there as here. My Question is do I have to get a Ga.CCW license or would reciprocity courtesy apply here. I also recently was denied permission to purchase a handgun because I didn't have a Ga.DL despite my Ga.address. I then was forced to wait 5 business days to pickup my weapon. I'm confused because my web search does not show anything about a waiting period. I am not sure what my Florida concealed permit allows for me. Is it allowed to have a Georgia Concealed Weapons permit, along with my Florida CCW permit also? I feel humiliated on my treatment as a 28yr vet law enforcement officer, having risked my life for the general public daily and yet I can't even buy a gun despite having a CCW from Florida.
Sure, but I'm out on the road until the 25th I believe. So it'll be a little while.

Work and all, being a trucker I work long hours across the country.
The difference between an adventure and an ordeal is your state of mind.

NRA,USCCA,NMA,WOHVA,Blue Ribbon Coalition.
Any insight on finding a lawyer that would take a case like mine would be appreciated. Because while that was almost 3 months ago, I'm still pushing trying to get him charged, yet the only things I've succeeded in doing is getting a ticket for trespass and a threat from the chief of arresting me.
MN Permit to Carry Training
Our mission at Precision Plus Firearms Training is to provide top quality training in the safe storage, handling, situational awareness, conflict avoidance, gear selection, interaction with law enforcement, aftermath of violent encounters, and justifiable use of force for the beginner to the advanced shooter.
Our courses exceed the required training curriculum for Minnesota, Florida, Iowa, Idaho, Maine, Michigan, Mississippi, Ohio, Arizona and Wisconsin. And soon Illinois and Utah. Graduates of our classes can carry in up to 44 different states with the different non-resident permits. Training is conducted by recognized firearms instructors Certified by the NRA, MN BCA, MN Dept of Safety and the United States Concealed Carry Association.
criminals dont open carry, most dont wear holsters, none care that you have a no gun sign up. Good job to all stores who post signs, all of you have opened yourself to criminals they now no that you are weak and they will have no resistance at you place of buisness!
Just learning more about my rights and how to use them in the right manner. This carries alot of weight with me cause i like to be responeable and respectville at the same time.
Followed you on Twitter for a while now after reading your articles. Welcome to OCDO!
May God watch over your family and bless us with the freedoms we were intended to have.
God bless America........Amen
NRA Life Patron Member - I support the entire constitution!
Volunteer Firefighter for 30 years and going strong.
I do internal technical training where I work. AC Drives is my primary expertise.