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Toe back in the water in Hammond


Regular Member
Jan 20, 2009
Independence, Louisiana, USA
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Ok, so my one and only experience with OC being in the negative column, I once more venture the proverbial toe into the OC waters again recently in my new home area of Tangipahoa parish.

As my sister and nephew had come down to visit and he had a passion for IHOP food, I thought that would be a great first dip, seeing as I already knew it's a sidearms friendly place.

No problems at all. No odd looks from anyone even.

Good. Lets go further out then...

Have so far visited Wal Mart a couple of times, an Autozone, Sisters Coffehouse and Cafe, Office Depot and even the Walgreens another poster had a problem at.

Again, no problems anywhere, no comments from anyone. Did have a Wal Mart employee give me the eyeball I think, but not sure if I was the target or not. Never said anything and I was on my way out anyway.

My one moment for a possible LEO interaction came as I was leaving the Wallyworld the first trip there, but just as I was walking up he looked down at his cell phone, so I breezed on by with no comments. Maybe the good Lord was cutting me a little slack for that first run. :celebrate

I will admit I camoflaged myself by wearing a light, long sleeve shirt over the full sleeve tattoo's. Maybe that helped. Helped psychologically anyway. :D

All in all, an easy transition back.

marrero jeff

Regular Member
Mar 25, 2010
marrero, Louisiana, USA
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Personally i think its ridiculous that you would be profiled for having tattoos. it's just as bad as racial profiling. its just a form of expression. I'm 19 and just started OCing and will get my first tattoo soon. i say show em if ya got em. its retarded that you have to cover them up.