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Mar 3, 2013

John Fitzgerald "Jack" Kennedy ( May 29, 1917-- November 22, 1963).



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Nov 15, 2006
Fairfax Co., VA
Generally, I have mixed feelings on his administration.

But, on a few particular points, I am very supportive.

Silver coinage and paper dollars redeemable in silver (silver certificates) is one. Yes!! Go, John, go!! Make a metal* real money!

Yes, yes, yes. I understand a bi-metallic standard (gold vs silver) is problematic to the nth degree. But!! Making paper dollars redeemable in any effing metal is an improvement over FDR's confiscation, wouldn't you say?

The other point was reigning in the CIA.

*No really. Watch this. Nixon took us off the gold standard. His "speech" is on YouTube. It comes down to: "interests hostile to the US..." Oh, really? And, who printed so many dollars they couldn't be redeemed for gold?

Pennies are made of copper, not gold. Correction. Pennies used to be made of copper. Today, they are made of zinc with copper plating. It happened in 1982.

Now, the fact the US government could not maintain a gold standard is proved by history--they would just continue printing dollars regardless of the amount of gold to back them up. But, think about copper pennies for just a moment.

Just a few years ago I read about a fellow who had numerous large jars of pennies around his house. Now, the last time I looked, a penny contained 2.3 cents worth of copper. That fellow cashed in his pennies for face value--lets say one hundred dollars. That is ten thousand pennies.

BUT!! Those pennies, minted before 1982, were worth $230 in copper!!

Yep. You can argue all day long whether Citizen can prove all of that fellow's pennies were copper. But, that don't change the fact that not only can the US government not maintain a gold standard, it can't even maintain a copper standard.

The US government so badly screwed up the value of the dollar that even a penny was worth more than twice its face value in copper.
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