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Campus carry begins


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Aug 22, 2013
here nc
the general counsel's faq is quite comprehensive in nature but since certain aspects ride on the State Police's oversight, it should be interesting to see the end result!

kudos for the counsel's responses regarding can a professor or other student have an individual who is CC'g in the classroom removed from class, or does a CC'g student have to answer another student or professor if asked about their carry status.

disappointed no provisions made for storage in the residence halls!

growing pains notwithstanding...tis an excellent start!

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Apr 24, 2017
Sadly still a no for Nevada. Need ultra special permission for that :banghead:


Jul 5, 2006
If you have the extra-special super license, 21 and over can carry on campus, subject to limitations. No one can demand to see a license except a LEO, and no actions may be taken against students or employees for having a license.


While not perfect, this is a significant step the right direction. Protecting students and employees against adverse administrative action is as important in these cases as the legislation permitting campus carry. Looks like you've done a good job on both fronts.

I fully expect that you'll find it to be a non-issue as far as safety or even anyone's "feelings". The vast majority of non-gunnies never notice even the most blatantly OC'd handgun.

Like every aspect of our RKBA, the first few States to respect our rights a little more look like they are trodding some very dangerous path. But with every State that follows, the norm is established it gets a little easier for additional States to follow on that particular aspect of RKBA.

If every State could adopt the good that other States have, while retaining all the good they now have, we'd all move forward a lot.

Best regards