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August 2014 OC Events (2): Monument & Broomfield...


Campaign Veteran
Jan 13, 2007
Colorado Springs, CO (formerly El Paso, TX)
Two OC Get-Together Events for this month (August 2014):

Event # 1
Sunday 8-10-14 @ 3:00pm
@ Village Inn/Monument
(315 Hwy 105, Monument, CO)

Event # 2
Tuesday 8-26-14 @ 2:00pm
@ Village Inn/Broomfield
(1190 E 1st Ave, Broomfield, CO)

And as always:

Although our OC events mainly are for OC-ers & about OC-ing (of course), we invite others to attend also:

-- People who always/primarily CC their handgun.
-- People who don't carry EITHER way (OC or CC) but are looking into doing so.

Remember, most of us OC-ers ALSO have a CC permit...it's just that we usually OC. So we try to avoid the "us vs. them" sometimes adversarial relationship between OC & CC people often seen nowadays and instead, try to promote better relations and understanding between the two groups. And of course, we want to educate, welcome and encourage "newbies" who have never carried before so they will feel more comfortable out there carrying whichever way they choose (OC or CC).
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