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Search results

  1. xDayan

    Can FedEx Ground Drivers Carrying on the clock

    I've searched high and low for this, on here, and online I can't find anything at all regarding this. Basically to sum it up the whole situation My boss (Owner) is cutting back the days that we are staying open, so I wouldn't have hardly any hours a week. But he's buying a business that's a...
  2. xDayan

    Does having a Maine Permit allow you to CC at 18+?

    I know this is mainly an open carry forum, but sometimes it gets too cold to openly carry... So I've been doing research, the bold part states you can not CC under 21.. However, under 18.65.748, it seems you are considered to be licensed (if you already have a CHP in another state) even at...
  3. xDayan

    Interesting Negative Encounter with the Houston Fire Department

    So I'm buying fireworks from "Gorillas Fireworks" in Houston, AK for new years with a few of my buddies. I'm open carrying, these 2 fireman who were pacing the stands, just seemed to hover around us for a few mins, so we get are fireworks, and try to be on are way. Just as we hit the parking...
  4. xDayan

    Do I have to tell a cop I'm OC if I get pulled over?

    Do I have to inform a LEO of my Handgun, While OC in a car? Sec. 11.61.220. Misconduct involving weapons in the fifth degree. Statute text (a) A person commits the crime of misconduct involving weapons in the fifth degree if the person (1) is 21 years of age or older and knowingly...
  5. xDayan

    Don't you just hate...

    imported post When People think they know whats legal and illegal! My buddys friend was like ATF Is gonna put you in jail if you open carry at 18, and that it's illegal to Carry in a bank, I'm not sure on the bank part, But I know you can OPEN CARRY at 18, I just wanna hit him, then he wont let...
  6. xDayan

    OC at 18 in alaska?

    imported post I was reading the laws, and It looks to me that you can oc at 18 here, but not CC till 21... Just wanna check this till I start ocing my 45 1911, also witch holster do you guys like best Shoulder, or waist? Edit: :banghead::banghead:http://www.opencarry.org/ak.htmlshoulda...