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    ar 15 223 in canada

    hey all just wanting to know if it is legal to transport a ar 15 223 rifile into canada form the united states?
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    section 571, 563

    hey all i saw a post on our opencarryinmo.com site about changes to mo 563 and 571 on the 28 does anyone know what is being changed??
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    Shooting at range, Busik

    Hi all went down today to the range to shoot out an old vest with the ar 223 and the rounds went right threw the vest. also had a discussion with a guy about open carry here is the context just got back from the range at busik state park, had a talk with a guy who states that the...
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    First open carry in MO radio show

    reminding everyone that the first open carry in mo radio show is tonight hope all can join!!! www.blogtalkradio.com/opencarryinmo/2010/08/18/open-carry-in-mo
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    Open carry in MO facebook website

    hello all the open carry in mo facebook site is up and running!!! please feel free to stop buy and post info on the site, become fans of the site so we can build out our open carry groups!!!! Thanks Mark
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    Springfield mo open carry group

    imported post hope all are doing well, looks like the group has good plans
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    Springfield mo open carry group

    imported post Hey guys , We are still on for the april 26th meeting just tryin to narrow down a time and place to meeet for dinnner in town here open for suggestions??
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    open carry in springfield mo

    imported post i am looking to get open carry group started here in springfield mo area if any interested please make contact @opencarryinusa@yahoo.com
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    h.r. 45

    imported post i would like to know if h r 45 will effect open carry