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  1. Doug_Nightmare

    LE doing their job...Kudos

    Nope. The story and its persistence is to be a distraction and deflection from the Empire actor story. This might not be the correct forum for the story.
  2. Doug_Nightmare

    John R. Lott, Jr., CPRSC. Should schools have teachers carry guns? AAHB Health Behavior Research December 2018

  3. Doug_Nightmare

    Larger writing space, please!

    Ad space is more valuable to the existence of OCDO
  4. Doug_Nightmare

    Lesson: Don’t eat lemon poppy bread on way to deliver a baby.

    The statistics of medical testing, specificity and sensitivity (or Bayesian Inference), are beyond medics except specialists in such as epidiemiology. I have a local MD that babbles about “false negatives”.
  5. Doug_Nightmare

    Prof. Volokh advises, subscribe to Twitter @VolokhGuns for gun only tweets, @VolokhC for all, and @VolokhSpeech

    http://reason.com/volokh/2019/02/06/subscribe-to-volokhguns-if-you-want-to-f Is this a honeypot, bait for deplatforming a notable free-speech advocate?
  6. Doug_Nightmare

    Pending SCOTUS Cert. Petition. Can a state ban all new handguns? Dave Kopel at Volokh Conspiracy

  7. Doug_Nightmare

    SCOTUS Cert. Petition. Does the 2A secure a right to carry guns in most public places? E. Volokh

  8. Doug_Nightmare

    Conceal Pistol License Training HB 1315

    We’ll never know. P4P continues as an effective business model, the lasting legacy.
  9. Doug_Nightmare

    H. 3456 (Hill): S.C. Constitutional Carry Act (2019)

    Thanks for the glimmer of hope for South Carolina, and from California no less. Twenty-three years ago The Law Abiding Citizens Self-Defense Act of 1996 was passed allowing regular gun carry for the first time in SC history. The Act passed for a sop thrown to the <deleted> / affiliates...
  10. Doug_Nightmare

    Green card holders and firearms

    Ignore the uncivil. “Deplatforming” is a useful meme.
  11. Doug_Nightmare

    Second and Fourth Amendments. E. Volokh

    Second and Fourth Amendments "Since openly carrying a handgun is not only not unlawful [in Washington], but is an individual right protected by the federal and state constitutions [as the Washington Supreme Court had earlier held]," it cannot "be the basis, without more, for an investigative...
  12. Doug_Nightmare

    SCOTUS’s New 2A Case, to address nullification of the Right to Arms. Dave Kopel at Volokh Conspiracy

    http://reason.com/volokh/2019/01/22/supreme-courts-new-second-amendment-case “For the first time in nearly a decade, the Supreme Court has voted to hear argument in a Second Amendment case. Although the schedule has not been set, oral argument in New York State Rifle & Pistol Association Inc. v...
  13. Doug_Nightmare


    Whoop! Up jump de Debbil! divide and conquer works against firearms too.
  14. Doug_Nightmare

    The Legality of Revealing a Shooting or Crime Victim's Home Address

    Wisc Stats CHAPTER 950 RIGHTS OF VICTIMS AND WITNESSES OF CRIME https://docs.legis.wisconsin.gov/statutes/statutes/950 950.04  Basic bill of rights for victims and witnesses. (dr) To not have his or her personal identifiers, as defined in s. 85.103 (1) and including an electronic mail address...
  15. Doug_Nightmare

    Amanda Chase R-Chesterfield Open Carries on Va. Senate Floor

    TWT: “Ms. Chase said she always carries concealed in the Virginia State Capitol but decided to carry the gun openly following an incident Monday in which the police were called on a mob of immigration activists who confronted Republican state Sen. Dick Black. “It concerned me,” Ms. Chase told...
  16. Doug_Nightmare

    N. Y. Bill S.1413 Would Violate Gun Rights, Free Speech Rights, and Privacy Rights. E. Volokh

  17. Doug_Nightmare

    E. Volokh on Guns and Strict Liability

    “From Illinois Appellate Court Judge David Ellis's concurring opinion two weeks ago in People v. Lee: [ ... ] [E. V. Comment] Sounds right to me, though I generally oppose strict liability in criminal statutes. For the U.S. Supreme Court's (complicated) approach to the matter, see Staples v...
  18. Doug_Nightmare

    Conversation, Detention, and Arrest

    I found this troubling. “What are my rights at borders? Within 500 miles of a border your constitutional rights are greatly reduces” It seems that the Constitution-free zone is expanding.