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  1. MSG Laigaie

    How are people open carrying given the state’s definition of concealed?

    Well I open carry every day, year round. I carry a 1911 in a Wild Bunch holster from a drop belt. I rides at my wrist and jackets don't interfere. Besides you only need a permit to conceal in town.
  2. MSG Laigaie

    Another one moving to Montana.

    Welcome to Montana. I am in P'Burg and I OC in Mizz every time I go there with no worries.
  3. MSG Laigaie

    Walmart and open carry

    Montana. Walmart may have a "corporate" policy, but nobody cares here. I still OC everywhere I go, no worries.
  4. MSG Laigaie

    For those who do faze boog. Montana Open Carry

    I suggest you avoid my "prejudiced page" if it is upsetting you. I made an announcement for an alternate page just because of people like you. You seem to have something very negative going on with this and you can keep it. OCDO was a great site to share info, but I come here less and less...
  5. MSG Laigaie

    For those who do faze boog. Montana Open Carry

    "I presume......................". So you are "presuming I would do that? Rather cheeky of you my friend. If the sign (owners wishes) say "no shoes no shirt no service" I believe I would comply with that owners wishes. If the sign said "No firearms permitted" I would again, respect that...
  6. MSG Laigaie

    For those who do faze boog. Montana Open Carry

    My headache must be distracting me. What does your comment have to do with announcing a fb information page? "A business open to the public is not the same as your private home." Relevance?
  7. MSG Laigaie

    For those who do faze boog. Montana Open Carry

    again..... what is your point?
  8. MSG Laigaie

    For those who do faze boog. Montana Open Carry

    I have not and do not support any prohibitions against legal open carry. On the other hand I do support "private property" and the owners right to set the rules. I am also a big proponent of "no guns....no money. I get to determine who I support. What was your point?
  9. MSG Laigaie

    For those who do faze boog. Montana Open Carry

    I am attempting to expand the field to better spread the Open Carry story. I have never considered OCDO as inadequate. Faze boog will garner an alternate method to reach people. Not a replacement, in addition to OCDO.. I don't quite know where you are going with this. I do not support any...
  10. MSG Laigaie

    For those who do faze boog. Montana Open Carry

    I helped run a fazboog page when I lived in Washington State. Now that I am in Montana, I have started a new one called... Montana Open Carry. There is also a Open Carry Montana page but it seems to be dead. Listed on MOC will be information pertaining to Open Carry and anything else that seems...
  11. MSG Laigaie

    2019 HB325 Fix to preemption/Missoula

    Why?? What is his motivation??
  12. MSG Laigaie

    2019 HB325 Fix to preemption/Missoula

    Any word on what has happened?
  13. MSG Laigaie


    It would have been convenient to have had this information in December. Will this be a "gun free" event?
  14. MSG Laigaie

    80% pistol rules

    I build 80% ARs an I use a reference number to keep up with them. I use the area under the pistol grip. Other than that, no other marks.
  15. MSG Laigaie

    man grabs gun from open carrier

    Melvin F. Bogus, 39, no permanent address, was arrested for second degree reckless endangerment, theft, possession of firearm by felon, possession of cocaine and bail jumping after grabbing the weapon from the man police say was legally carrying his weapons in the open.
  16. MSG Laigaie

    10 round magazines in NJ

    I saw the fix for all those Standard Capacity AR magazines you may or may not be in possession of. As they are = Felony. Remark/label them ".450 Bushmaster" and Voy Lah.... you now have a ten round magazine.
  17. MSG Laigaie

    15 December, Bill of Rights Day

    jpfo.org Bill of Rights Day, December 15. The National Archives and Records Administration joins in the national celebration of the Bill of Rights, the first 10 amendments to the Constitution, which spell out our rights as Americans. It guarantees civil rights and liberties such as freedom of...
  18. MSG Laigaie

    It's time to be vigilant in New Hampshire

    I just rec'd a message from a friend in NH. He is demilling quite a few weapons because he expects them to "knock on his door". He is an 07 FFL and he fears his .gov. Also he says he is packing up and leaving NH and relocating to Ga.