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  1. Resto Guy

    yo missouri come get your man...

    I just did that.
  2. Resto Guy

    yo missouri come get your man...

    Early this morning I watched the "news" report about this incident. I told my wife that it sounded like a case of someone (stupidly) testing the waters of open carry. I hope that is the case here. If so, he could not have chosen worse timing or location. Because of the current climate, I expect...
  3. Resto Guy

    Open carry or brandishing???

    This should be interesting. If and when any facts are released and reported. http://www.witn.com/home/headlines/Man-Charged-With-Waiving-Gun-Outside-Down-East-Bank-243754501.html
  4. Resto Guy

    Classroom scenario comes true.

    While taking my CHP class, one of the "what if's" the instructor described was the action to take if witness to an armed robbery while in a store. The armed witness in the linked story did as we were told to do. He won't be charged, but lives with the memory of that night. Too bad for everyone...
  5. Resto Guy

    Duty to Iinform State?

    I'll soon be traveling to Florida from NC. I'll be carrying concealed, and need to know if armed drivers in Florida are required to inform an officer of the weapon during a traffic stop or other interaction. Thanks in adbvance.
  6. Resto Guy

    Thoughts? - A blog threatening members of Congress...

    http://boston.cbslocal.com/2011/01/1...cson-shooting/ Quote: ARLINGTON (CBS) – A blog threatening members of Congress in the wake of the Tucson, Arizona shooting has prompted Arlington police to temporarily suspend the firearms license of an Arlington man. It was the headline “1 down and 534 to...
  7. Resto Guy

    Off-duty N.C. Deputy kills robber

    imported post Young robber chooses wrong victim. http://www.witn.com/home/headlines/80399242.html http://www.reflector.com/news/sheriff-deputy-acted-in-self-defense-teen-killed-1042569.html http://www.reflector.com/news/citizens-reflect-on-deadly-force-after-shooting-1043293.html
  8. Resto Guy

    N.C. Castle Doctrine - online petition

    imported post Please read and sign the petition. http://www.petitiononline.com/law4nc/petition.html Thanks!
  9. Resto Guy

    Peninsula ammo supply..

    imported post I'll be visiting relativeson the peninsula this weekend. I figured I would look for .38 spl. target ammo since it is scarce here in N.C. Any tips on the best places to shop?Are supplies hit-or-miss in that area? Thanks for any tips, as I'll only be there for one day.
  10. Resto Guy

    Greenville OC

    imported post I never see anyone open carry in Greenville/Pitt County. Anyone here do it?Crime has gotten so rampant here I expect/hope to see to start seeing it.