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    sign WH petition to provide sanctuary for second amendment

    Go to https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/provide-sanctuary-second-amendment to sign petition.
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    So, the ultra-liberal Starbucks now has an open door policy. Who wants to check how open their doors are? Who wants to be in a bunch of open carriers in an open carry sit-in at the local Starbucks? Get a bunch of OCers and go to it! I love it when they have to take their own medicine. Nemo
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    Mas Ayoob in Springfield in February 2018

    Mas Ayoob will present his MAG-20 class in Springfield this coming weekend: 10-11 February 2018. Go to http://massadayoobgroup.com to learn about Mas or MAG-20. Go to http://www.fpftraining.com to enroll or write to John Murphy at John@fpftraining.com. See you there. Nemo
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    Ernest Langdon in Culpeper in November

    I want to tell you of an upcoming class by Ernest Langdon. If you are not familiar with Ernest, then you can review his personal information at http://www.langdontactical.com/Bio.html and http://www.langdontactical.com/Experience.html. I have taken a course with him and found it to be a very...
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    Gunsite East opening in Richmond

    Gunsite will put on their beginner's course, 250, at Colonial Shooting Academy during 2-6 Nov 15 and monthly, starting in January 2016. See http://www.gunsite.com/2015-course-schedule/2015-schedule-35 or http://www.colonialshooting.com/rva/gunsite-250-pistol for details.
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    Randy Cain: carbine, Winchester, 25-27 Sept 15

    I am not able to upload info to this forum. Interested people: please PM me.
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    Randy Cain: Ladies Handgun, Winchester, 3-4 Oct 15

    I am not able to upload info to this forum, so interested parties should PM me.
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    Santa Rosa

    The place where they shoot children with toy guns. We will be visiting during early September. While I don't plan to OC, it would be nice to meet up or to go shooting. TIA.
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    Training in Virginia

    The purpose of this sticky is to identify and to advertise shooting training classes in Virginia. In order to keep the thread clean, I envision a list of postings identifying or recommending companies or instructors, with general subject matter and location by city in the subject line, and...
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    unicorn sighting - Sterling, VA - 10/6/11

    Someone wearing a VCDL minuteman was travelling in a black Toyota, 1725 CX, west on 7 about 1535 on 6 Oct before heading north on Algonqian Paarkway.
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    OT: shariah in Leesburg today

    http://gatesofvienna.blogspot.com/2011/08/fighting-sharia-at-ballot-box.html For those in Leesburg who care.
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    security plan for my church

    I have been asked to help write a security plan for our church, and I have a draft. In order not to overlook any detail, and in order not to re-invent any wheels, I thought that it would be helpful to review any existing plans that may be around. If you have such a security plan for your own...
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    Road rage incident - Yogurt vs. Handgun on 95 near Quantico

    never take yoghurt to a gunfight. http://www.nbcwashington.com/news/local-beat/Road-Rage-Yogurt-vs-Handgun-106917938.html?dr
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    VA Second Amendment March

    imported post The latest Alert (“What’s Next” dated 28 Mar 10) mentioned a Second Amendment March on 12 Apr 10 in Richmond. I am thinking of taking the day off to attend. But is anyone else going? I have not read anything about it except in the Alert. Comments?