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  1. MSG Laigaie

    For those who do faze boog. Montana Open Carry

    I helped run a fazboog page when I lived in Washington State. Now that I am in Montana, I have started a new one called... Montana Open Carry. There is also a Open Carry Montana page but it seems to be dead. Listed on MOC will be information pertaining to Open Carry and anything else that seems...
  2. MSG Laigaie

    10 round magazines in NJ

    I saw the fix for all those Standard Capacity AR magazines you may or may not be in possession of. As they are = Felony. Remark/label them ".450 Bushmaster" and Voy Lah.... you now have a ten round magazine.
  3. MSG Laigaie

    New gun laws in Missoula??

    FUQ- The ordinance would update and clarify the current prohibition on concealed or open carrying of firearms and explosive devices in City Hall and public school buildings. It would add the prohibition to the Missoula City Council chambers, any building where the City Council meets, public art...
  4. MSG Laigaie

    "High cap" mags = an NFA item??

    I got this in my news feed this morn. I am not very happy about all these people with the lunatic ideas about firearms. Montana – -(AmmoLand.com)- Two days ago, Montana Shooting Sports Association Board member Randy Pinocci recorded Kathleen Williams at a public event saying she would favor...
  5. MSG Laigaie

    2019 Wenatchee Annual Open Carry Camp

    Well we have site #51. I am of the understanding that Jeff has #49. What say you all??
  6. MSG Laigaie

    Anti called 911 on me

    My Sweet Babboo and I were out for a motorcycle ride out around Anaconda and stopped in a nice little Mom & Pop place to eat. We took a table and ordered. Everyone was happy. About halfway through the meal a group of three rather large women came in an sat not far from us and everyone was happy...
  7. MSG Laigaie

    Japanese tourists with cameras

    I was cutting my grass in the front yard last eve when I noticed a group of about eight or nine Japanese tourists(complete with cameras)walking on the other side of my street. They walked a bit beyond me and then, as a group, crossed the road, reversed course and came back to pass me. As they...
  8. MSG Laigaie

    Wedding Guns.

    I attended my Brother-in-laws Wedding of his Daughter yesterday. It was a smallish ceremony, held at the brewery,here in Philipsburg. I, as usual, wore my Army Green suit, with pistol. My Sweet Baboo came over to me and said "Did you see all of your Nephews?". I had not seen them closely so I...
  9. MSG Laigaie

    Long gun OC'd in Anaconda

    I was driving through Anaconda yesterday on my way to an eye appointment.My eyes were good enough to spot a "regular joe" walking down the street with his lady. I saw something across his chest and upon closer inspection it appeared to be an M1A1 or an M14 rifle. There was nobody running or...
  10. MSG Laigaie

    New BATF rules on bump stocks

    Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives Bureau Proposed Rule Bump-Stock Type Devices FR Document: 2018-06292 Citation: 83 FR 13442 PDF Pages 13442-13457 (16 pages) Permalink Abstract: The Department of Justice (Department) proposes to amend the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and...
  11. MSG Laigaie

    KIRO 7 Did you go?

    I signed up for tickets to attend the heavily one sided "Town Hall" last night. I could not attend, (long commute), so I watched on the stream. My question to you, as Washingtonians, Did you attend? Did you watch online? Do you even care that you are being set up and will lose your firearms? The...
  12. MSG Laigaie

    OCer Upsets Butte Walmart

    I went into town yesterday with me Sweet Babboo, Lori, and her Mother. We shopped at a half dozen places before ending up at Walmart. We split up as we had different needs, then met up for groceries. That put me pretty much all over the store. I love Montana, everyone is so polite. As we were...
  13. MSG Laigaie

    Pre-emption Under Attack

    https://conservativefiringline.com/prevent-gun-violence-overturning-statewide-preemption/ Now that the Washington State Legislature is controlled by Democrats, a Democrat lawmaker whose district is in Seattle will push to overturn the Evergreen State’s long standing preemption law that prevents...
  14. MSG Laigaie

    Merry Christmas

    A hearty Merry Christmas to all my Gun Friends in Washington State. I wish you good luck in your endeavors this coming year, as you will need it. Keep up the fight my Friends........Gun Vote.
  15. MSG Laigaie

    Spotted another OCer in town.

    Walked up to the pub last night with my Sweet Babboo to have my growler filled. We started speaking with a couple from Anaconda about their beautiful rescue dog, 1/2 ridgeback, 1/2 doberman. We noticed his pistol and talked about the freedom we enjoy in Montana. We hope to see them again and...
  16. MSG Laigaie

    Firearms in the Billings Library

    I have a shindig coming up in January at the Billings Library. I plan to OC my pistol, as I always do, during the affair. I have done some research and can find no information at all that prevents me from doing so. I can wear a center-fire or a black powder pistol, altho the CF is my choice. My...
  17. MSG Laigaie

    Colt’s Doing a Limited-Edition Run of Non-NFA 37mm M203 Launchers

    https://www.gunsamerica.com/blog/colts-limited-edition-run-37mm-m203-launchers/?utm_source=email&utm_medium=20171117_FridayDigest_148&utm_campaign=/blog/colts-limited-edition-run-37mm-m203-launchers/ “For the first time ever the Colt M203 Grenade Launcher offered in 37mm, built in a...
  18. MSG Laigaie

    moving a suppressor across state lines

    Well.......I have abandoned the State of Washington and moved to Montana. Now I need to move my suppressor from there to my new location. Where do I start? My research has told me that.....if I move a suppressor from a legal State to a legal State, I am not required to inform the batf. All my...
  19. MSG Laigaie

    OCer moving to Montana

    My Sweet Babboo and I got on our motorcycles and rode to Montana. A little mining town (pop 820) called Phillipsburg was the destination. Yeppers, we fell in love with the place and will be relocating. I do have a few questions about the AO that a few of you may be able to help with. I OCed...
  20. MSG Laigaie


    Yes Ladies and Gentlemen we are going to do it again. The Seventh (has it really been that long) Annual Picnic. We will be at Bloedel Donovan again this year and it is going to be a hot one. BBQ stations will be going strong and all of you are invited. Let's make this one the biggest yet. Bring...