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  1. mlawson

    Never Been Delayed 30 Days...Until Now!

    What the hell's this world coming to? Noticed your username, I have the M9 commercial.
  2. mlawson

    Never Been Delayed 30 Days...Until Now!

    I've seen people here in Arizona get told to wait 10 days before they can pick up there new pistol/rifle. Me, I walk in with my CCP and walk right back out with my new pistol.
  3. mlawson

    let's hear it for an upstate NY school district ~ facial recognition cams in the hallways

    Why a school in a city with a population of 21,000? Why not Rochester? Or Syracuse?
  4. mlawson

    CCW Permit with a 22 year old felony conviction

    Does no good locked in a drawer. Might as well not have one at all.
  5. mlawson

    yo missouri come get your man...

    F*** that, make him serve 3 years in the Army. With 2 rounds of Basic Training.
  6. mlawson

    Retention Holster. What level do you guys use?

    OC, Level 2.
  7. mlawson

    Open Carry experience thread.

    I O.C as much as I can here in Tucson. Haven't had anyone stop and ask nor do I get weird looks.
  8. mlawson

    AZ CCW permit.

    Ah, ok. I debated the CCW thing to, but I do tend to travel a lot so having reciprocity helps.
  9. mlawson

    Last nite’s KS shooting bar shooting as reported by...

    Repealing the 2A will cause more violence.
  10. mlawson

    AZ CCW permit.

    What are you trying to imply?
  11. mlawson

    AZ CCW permit.

    I was just wondering what the average/typical turn around time is for an AZ CCW permit. A couple months ago, I sent mine in and 10 days later, I got my permit. 10 days! I checked multiple websites regarding this matter and its stated typical processing time was 60-70 days.
  12. mlawson

    Another one moving to Montana.

    It was a job offer that got me to come down here to Arizona also.
  13. mlawson

    Unconstitutional gun-control sticker prosecution under Tenn. § 55-8-187

    Hope the sheriff's office gets there ass's handed to them.
  14. mlawson

    Another one moving to Montana.

    F*** that!!! I will not miss the snow nor the several feet of it in one day.
  15. mlawson

    Another one moving to Montana.

    May I inquire as to why you are leaving AZ? I moved here from NY back in March and haven't looked back yet.
  16. mlawson

    What do you carry?

    Mossberg 9mm every day OC. Then when the mood strikes, Beretta M9
  17. mlawson

    Open carry ny

    Move to Arizona like I did from Chemung Cty.