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  1. CenTex

    Using spent shells for dry firing?

    Do any of you use spent shells in dry firing? I am wondering if I take a spent shell, retain the used primer cap and seat a bullet, can it be used as a dummy round for "repeated" dry firing in my revolver? There would be no gun powder in the cartridge; none in the primer cap, and none in the...
  2. CenTex

    Question to Reloaders with "Knowledgeable Experience."

    Please, no guesses. If you don't know the answer, may I ask you to refrain from answering. I do not want to suffer from an accident or end up killing myself. I've been reloading my own cartridges in my garage. Do any of you knowledgeable reloaders know if static electricity will set off...
  3. CenTex

    Murphys's Law has me wondering.

    Has anyone tried carrying spent shells in their revolver or pistol while OCing? Would LEO take kindly to it? Is it against CA law to carry spent shells in a firearm? I've not run across this discussion. The reason I am asking: If someone has been to a firing range and discharged their revolver...
  4. CenTex

    OT but important to know.

    Have you heard about United Nations' Article 21? You can start here: http://www.americanthinker.com/2009/10/un_agenda_21_coming_to_a_neigh.html To keep to the rules, there should be no discussion on this here in the forum except maybe for the section where you can talk about anything...
  5. CenTex

    United we stand, divided we fall.

    To ALL forum Members: I have been reading this forum for quite a few months...well before I joined the first time under a different username. I had an administrator unsubscribe me from that account and I dropped out for a short time. I came back under the name CenTex. Why did I leave? As a...
  6. CenTex

    Will recording police become illegal? Maybe.

    Have you heard of Michael Allison? He is possibly facing 75 years in prison for recording police when he felt they were harassing him. Police say they do not lose their rights as citizens when they donn their uniforms. Here is an excerpt from the first report back in August of this year. See...
  7. CenTex

    Outdoor gun ranges under fire for safety

    Outdoor gun ranges under fire for safety. http://www.usatoday.com/news/nation/2010-12-16-shooting-ranges_N.htm?csp=24 My 1978 Toyota truck, which BTW I bought in the fall of 1977 and still driving, had something hit the windshield one time when I was driving out in the country. There were no...
  8. CenTex

    Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer says Founding Fathers wanted gun control.

    Posted on Fox News: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2010/12/12/breyer-founding-fathers-allowed-restrictions-guns/
  9. CenTex

    What is your opinion of the Ruger P95?

    As an owner, what is your opinion of the Ruger P95? I am looking to buy my first semi-automatic and I want to keep it well below $500. I am interested in hearing what you people say that now own the Ruger P95, or you have owned it in the past. If you have never owned one and/or never used it...
  10. CenTex

    Write your Congressmen/women and Senators

    This year OCing in California barely squeaked by. Next year, with the increase of Democrats, OCing will probably meets its doom if the forum members do not start writing their representatives in government asking them to vote against any bill killing our right to OC. We don't have much time...
  11. CenTex

    Father killed outside school.

    http://www.aolnews.com/crime/article/georgia-dad-rusty-sneiderman-shot-dead-outside-sons-preschool/19730774?test=latestnews I wonder if the killer had a gun permit? Nah!