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    And this from Americans for (Ir)Responsible Solutions.

    Warning! the math in this propaganda piece requires blinders/duct tape. >>Sixty-six percent of Americans for Responsible Solutions supporters believe our background check laws are the single biggest impediment to making our communities safer from gun violence. 

 Forty percent believe state...
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    What's the opinions on Colonial Shooting Academy in VA Beach?

    My grandson (19) is ready to join the OC community. Colonial is within walking distance. Looking for beginner thru advanced classes. Any experiences with them?
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    Rules of carry at the VA State Capitol area

    I am in a bit of a disagreement over carry rules of the Capitol (area & buildings), with a "reporter" of the Times Dispatch. My google foo is very weak and the searches on the forum do not turn up anything really definitively to answer the question: "what are the rules?" Any help is appreciated!!
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    VCDL's 2014 Legislation Tracking Tool is up

    Here it is: http://www2.vcdl.org/webapps/vcdl/2014leg.html
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    VCDL Meeting In Bowling Green.

    We had real nice meeting at the Scottish Horse Thief in Bowling Green. Phil Van Cleave, Pres. VCDL, briefed us on the upcoming VA, legislative bills that VCDL supports or opposes, as well as Lobby Day on the 20th of Jan. Some topics: Support: Reduce the CHP cost. Lifetime CHP. Authorize...
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    Bloomin' Bus Coming to Virginia

    The 25-state, 100-day “No More Names: National Drive to Reduce Gun Violence” bus tour launched today by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's Mayors Against Illegal Guns, is coming to Virginia! No word on the schedule. I imagine Bloomers is worried about supporters of liberty organizing a...
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    Senate debate on gun control

    Watching the well intentioned fools trying to sell gun control as crime control using emotionalism and no logic. Many claims that it does not infringe on the 2nd Amendment. Pat "leaky" Leahy wants to put in his asinine comments, can hardly wait, but may have to take a break to puke. I know I...
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    Sarah & Jim Brady on Fox in DC

    09:00 and watching Fox 5 in DC. They are going to have the Brady's on. I can hardly wait for the soap box theater.
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    Emergency shelters and no guns?

    imported post Bugger! should have looked at TFred's post first. Nevermind........ In a local notice, preparations of a publicemergency shelter were sent out. In the notice was the following: "No guns or pets (expect (sic) service animals) are allowed in the shelter." Before I email the...
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    Signatories of the amicus brief in support of MacDonald v Chicago suit

    imported post :celebrate:celebrateBoth Senators Webb and Warner signed onto the brief in support of incorporation of 2nd Amendment under the 14th Amendment. Many congresscritters did too, including Rob Wittman of District 1. Way to go! :celebrate:celebrate...
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    Bloomberg coming to VA

    imported post Bloomberg is supposedly coming to Virginia to push for more gun control.He would have better results if he stayed at home and controlled his criminals. Questions: When he comes will he have his armed bodyguards? Under what authority will they be carrying? Do you think they will...
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    Free Lance Star gets it!

    imported post Great opinion piece on the "Not a Loophole". Finally shows someoneat FLS has pulled their head out of the sand. http://www.fredericksburg.com/News/FLS/2009/022009/02062009/444210/index_html?page=2
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    Letter to Creigh Deeds

    imported post I getting ready to email this. Before I do -- Comments? Critique? Senator Deeds, In the last Virginia gubernatorial race, candidate Kilgore was endorsed by the NRA. He and his staff figured that they had the gun-vote locked up. Then one of his lead staffers insulted the...
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    My turn at Walmart

    imported post At the Ferry Farm Walmart, Stafford, VA. just east of Fredericksburg. I guess it’s now becoming a rite of passage for us to have encounters at Walmart.;) Mine was this afternoon. I had just finished shopping and coincidentally, picked up batteries for the new recorder and...
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    Question - Claims of help from NRA Civil Rights Defense Fund

    imported post This from the website: "Michael Stollenwerk (Pennsylvania). Mr. Stollenwerk applied for a permit to carry a pistol concealed. He already has a permit from a sister state. He declined to supply his social security number. An attorney’s letter of November 4, 2003, and December 12...
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    Million Morons March

    imported post Their agenda for 21 Jan: http://www.csgv.org/atf/cf/%7B23E96A35-4C75-41EE-BDDD-4BD3A3B59010%7D/2008%20Advocacy%20Day%20Flyer%201.pdf Feel free to join them for some fun and counter opinions. A good sign for the lie-in[sic] would be: "This is the result of disarmed victims!" My...
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    They, who would disarm us?

    imported post A (not so) random thought about the anti's: Do Sarah & Jim Brady, Paul Helmke and the others advocating our disarmament, have bodyguards to protect them from the evil world? :question:
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    Free Lance Star Hasn't Learned

    imported post The Free Lance Star is still publishing the names and streets of local, new CHP holders. They didn't seem to care that we posted FLS's owner's info on the net. Perhaps it's time to ratchet things up a bit. Maybe the owner's and editors' info (all of it available) printed up on...
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    A Discussion of Rights

    imported post Uncjohnny:"I am not advocating disarming your average citizen, but this letter writer would have us all walking around with guns on our hip, slinging at the drop of a dime, like the old west. To arm our average citizen so loosely as this writer as infered we would most definately...