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    Be the first to call the cops.

    I went with the Arm Citizens Defense Net Work Inc. They are very up front with their product.
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    man grabs gun from open carrier

    I also would like to see where it came from I have seen no such reports.
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    Have you ever had someone react REALLY badly to seeing you open carry?

    Where you involved with this one back in July. https://gunwatch.blogspot.com/2018/07/fl-miami-beach-police-detain-legal-open.html
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    Have you ever had someone react REALLY badly to seeing you open carry?

    Were you involved with this one. back in July https://gunwatch.blogspot.com/2018/07/fl-miami-beach-police-detain-legal-open.html
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    Taurus G2C

    Taurus handguns are a crap shoot if you get one that works you are fine. But a lot of them have problems. I own two both revolvers one was back to the factory one was not. At a gun shop I picked up a brand new one cocked it to check the single action trigger pull the action lock up tighter...
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    man grabs gun from open carrier

    Well if I had some monetary interest in ammo land it might be considered self promotion but I don't. As for the rest it sounds like a personal problem to me.
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    man grabs gun from open carrier

    Here's a link with a bit more information. rest of the story at the link https://www.ammoland.com/2018/12/wi-open-carrier-in-madison-has-gun-snatched-by-violent-criminal/ Arizona -(Ammoland.com)- -On 17 December 2018, at about 7 p.m. on State Street in Madison, Wisconsin, a 21-year-old open...
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    Armed bystanders shoot at shoplifters in Marysville, disabling their vehicle, then disappear.

    Thanks for clarifying this for us non Washington residences.
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    WASHPOST gun rights hit-piece shows failure to understand how the world works

    Those who say I am for the 2nd amendment then add BUT are really not.
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    Is there a “proper” way to break in a new gun?

    During my career as a police armorer I have seen hundreds of brand new firearms used for the first time. We would recommend field strip wipe off excessive factory grease run a patch through the barrel lightly lube the necessary parts shoot. I am sure some followed those instructions. Most I...
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    Why do I need to know this I think you have the wrong person

    Why do I need to know this I think you have the wrong person
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    Iranian general shoots himself in the head, dead, accidentally while cleaning his gun.

    Fancy way of admitting it was suicide. Accidents are easy to understand suicide hurts a lot of people.
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    It's time to be vigilant in New Hampshire

    Doesn't make much sense as no new laws have passed yet.
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    It's time to be vigilant in New Hampshire

    The leftist's do not want to fix anything they want to destroy this country. Destroy the economy destroy the country to take over they need to disarm the people.
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    No Guns Allowed at Ky. Center for the Arts

    After reading the sign sounds like a good place to avoid regardless of their polices. Good luck on getting the sign removed.
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    ammo cans on sale

    if you need ammo cans and are near by that is one of the better prices I seen lately.
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    What do you carry?

    A good choice.
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    Should I open carry or wait?

    I open carry a lot but only you can make that decision.
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    Firearms Safety is Key to our Continued Freedoms

    Some shooters/hunters never realize why they are never invited back.
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    Firearms Safety is Key to our Continued Freedoms

    Sorry but a lot of hunting and hunting areas requires walking other wise you never see nor harvest any of the game you want to. Stand hunting can as is very productive for certain species in certain areas. Stand hunting for most upland birds would be totally fruit less. I done a lot of both...