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  1. Mantioch

    New Carry Weapon: SIG 1911 ULTRA G10 Grip Limited Edition .45

    Here's my latest purchase! This is a SIG 1911 Ultra Limited Edition .45 with the G10 grips and night sights. Ran across it at the local gun shop today and fell in love. My wife got it for me for father's day, so I cannot have it until then. Very excited, nonetheless! This is a stock photo I...
  2. Mantioch

    Do you have a plan?

    My family's readiness was tested this morning at about 4:41am. The burglar alarm went off and within a few seconds, I had my Glock 19 out of the bedside safe and took up a position at the top of the steps (all bedrooms are upstairs). The kids executed their emergency plan brilliantly, the 14...
  3. Mantioch

    Open Carry in car w/ no CCDW - concealed on your hip?

    I apologize if this has been discussed - I spent some time searching the Kentucky boards and didn't see what I was looking for. What I would like to know is have any of you been pulled over or had interaction with a LEO while open carrying in your vehicle while the weapon was on your hip in a...
  4. Mantioch

    My first less than positive encounter

    I would not classify this as a negative encounter, but it certainly wasn't positive... I'm an east-ender (no jokes :p ) and OC regularly in Holiday Manor Kroger and Starbucks. Everyone there knows me and I regularly talk politics and guns with the folks at 'bucks. I stopped by Shiraz in Holiday...
  5. Mantioch

    New Member - and a few OC reports

    Good evening! I'm a new member here on OpenCarry and today I OC'ed for the very first time. My wife is very supportive and is going for her CCDW soon (I have my class on the 21st). She just told me not to get myself locked up, she'd miss me for coffee tonight :) So, first stop was the new...