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  1. bc.cruiser

    Carrying while wearing a mask??

    "Program Attorneys" are the ones in each state that members can call for legal assistance, including answers. Memberships are state based and you are issued a card with the name and number of the attorney to contact if needed.
  2. bc.cruiser

    NC's nefarious Legislature at it again...

    This is a pared down version of the bill she introduced in May 2019 (Gun Violence Prevention Act https://webservices.ncleg.gov/ViewBillDocument/2019/289/0/DRH10046-ML-28). That one was so all-inclusive that it went to "incarceration". Per the antis' plan, she is now working by incremental...
  3. bc.cruiser

    NC OC experience reports

    Sounds a lot like Cross Creek mall in Fayetteville. Firestone is adjacent to the JC Penney wing. No signage at that entrance, unlike at the main entrance on the side between that wing and the former Sears section. The man with the empty holster either came in that way, or paid attention to...
  4. bc.cruiser

    Carrying while wearing a mask??

    That might be worth a call to the program attorney in Washington.
  5. bc.cruiser

    interesting msnbc poll on "gun carry in public"

    Only 46% say YES; with 1,502,000 or 3,280,000 respondents. 1,745,000 say No, it's too dangerous. 1% (33,000) say Only for self defense. Good luck finding the who/what/why for this.
  6. bc.cruiser

    county owned, privately leased - ban carry?

    Pier Associates has leased the pier from the county for a continuing long term period. Since they leased it, rather than being contracted to operate it on behalf of the county, it is a case of 'their land, their rules'. If FL has something contrary in their law, lets hear from a FL resident...
  7. bc.cruiser

    Transferring ownership

    CoL advises there is no case law for this. I won't be that case. 14-402 is pretty clear: § 14-402. Sale of certain weapons without permit forbidden. (a) It is unlawful for any person, firm, or corporation in this State to sell, give away, or transfer, or to purchase or receive, at any place...
  8. bc.cruiser

    Transferring ownership

    Quite possibly due to the 4 years between the revision of one and the other. And not making the connection with the phrase of purchasing one handgun.
  9. bc.cruiser

    CCW Permit with a 22 year old felony conviction

    Apologies. I skipped right over the last sentence in the OP: "I live in the state of Arizona." Please disregard the NCGS references.
  10. bc.cruiser

    NC OC experience reports

    Glad to hear you and yours are okay. Sorry about the truck. Spent the morning in the downtown banking area of the Queen City. BoA, Wells Fargo, US Bank, and 1st Citizens, OCing the 1911. Several security guards (all unarmed) noted the gun, and had no untoward comments. The patrolman I...
  11. bc.cruiser

    CCW Permit with a 22 year old felony conviction

    Meanwhile, something such as I carry is completely legal for you also. You just can't CC. I carry an 1858 Remington New Army revolver in .44 caliber. A pre-1898 handgun, or replica, that cannot fire modern ammo is outside ATF and NC regulations. Even felons have rights; they just have to...
  12. bc.cruiser

    Transferring ownership

    The folks above almost got it right. For you to get possession (lawfully) of handguns, you must first obtain the Pistol Purchase Permit. Present that to your mom, and she presents you with the guns. Done. see NCGS 14-402 (a) The PPP allows one handgun per permit. see NCGS 14-403. The...
  13. bc.cruiser

    A thought after you have used your SD firearm to defend yourself/loved ones...

    Call 911, report a shooting at ______ and request police. "I shot that guy because I was in fear of my/my loved ones life. There is his weapon." Nothing more without my attorney; probably won't give any statement for 24-48 hours. After all, a cop doesn't.
  14. bc.cruiser

    Pine Forest High Student Had "assault rifle" in car

    We are working toward all my single shot .22s being called 'assault' rifles. But, as far as being on school property, caliber makes no difference.
  15. bc.cruiser

    Meijer Joins Walmart, Kroger, Walgreens in Banning Open Carry

    Monday 1 Oct, in the WalMart in Franklin NC, I was approached by the store manager. He quietly informed me about their new policy against OC. I was not being asked to leave but was being asked not to OC in the future. At that point I simply draped my shirt over the gun, which he liked. He...
  16. bc.cruiser

    New ATF deny/delay Resolution cards for consumers

    We keep trying, but the Sheriff's Association still blows smoke up the legislatures nether region.
  17. bc.cruiser

    Stand your ground debate or ??

    Will the parents face charges for the unsupervised teen having a gun? What was going on in the yard at 4am, besides an ill-advised robbery attempt? ( I know, as one who has been out raking leaves at 3am, they probably were just not ready to end their day.)
  18. bc.cruiser

    NC OC experience reports

    Coming home from the mountains, I stopped at the Mocksville Taco Bell. Both the manager and the fellow handing me my order looked at the 1911 and smiled when the girl at the register said "Wow, that is a pretty gun!" The cocobolo grips do look good. No other comments or stink-eye all weekend...
  19. bc.cruiser

    NC OC experience reports

    Got into a game of car shuffleboard in Hope Mills this morning. I was the bumpee. Responding cop, Officer Rolland, did not mention or otherwise acknowledge the 1911 on my belt. Kudos to him. Camping World, Lowe's, and WalMart were also non-issues, as usual.
  20. bc.cruiser

    Supreme Court offers gun-possession loophole for illegal immigrants

    Similar to a person in NC carrying concealed without a permit to do so. No requirement to inform LEO since he is unlawful, and therefore has no requirement to testify against himself. NC GS 14-269, 14=415.11