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    Here we go......Idiot pulls a firearm at Mc Donalds

    Idiots like this give a bad rap to responsible firearm owners. If you are armed and can't walk away from a situation where you should know deadly force is not warranted, maybe you shouldn't carry a firearm. Idiots like this just add fuel to the anti-gun fire...
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    It's Constitutional Carry Eve!

    The Portland Chief of Police is still complaining about the new law and how he is against it. Just a day or two ago a 58 yr old man was cited for illegal concealed carry without a permit and now from here on out they can do nothing about it. The 58 yr old was also said to have pointed a 45 at a...
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    Cabela's in Portland

    I thought it was kinda comical that when you go into Cabela's there is a clerk/podium with a sign: Check your firearms in here for YOUR safety. How am I safer if I give them my firearm. Now if it said "for our safety" then it would imply they don't trust you with a firearm, But I'm sure they...
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    OC in Lewiston Me

    Just made a trip into Tractor Supply for a few things. The Store was empty as it was 1/2 hour from closing time. I grabbed what I needed, checked out. The check out girl didn't seem to act nervous or anything and no questions asked. It appeared she was there alone. I stopped down the road on Rt...
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    Rochester woman posts sign telling neighbors of CC father near school.

    This woman is a nut job. Cops carry around children too. Does she realize that the concealed carry requires a background check probably the same check required for Police. No difference between a law abiding citizen and Police except the uniform when it comes to being armed. Except the citizen...
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    M&P owners, ever have this happen?

    I recently purchased a new M&P.40. I chose this model as I used one a few years back while attending a training course. After putting 600 rounds thru it in a day, It was the most accurate shooting I have accomplished with any handgun. I have put around 400 rounds down range in the few weeks...