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    Gays, Lesbians and Transgender individuals and FIREARMS in CT.

    Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy recently signed an executive order prohibiting the use of state funds for travel to the state of Indiana. For the record: I am as outraged as the governor over the INFRINGEMENT legislation enacted by the State of Indiana. Gov. Dannel Malloy is obviously and...
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    The facts regarding the Jackson/Gellatly incident in Oxford, Connecticut in May 2014

    Read the April Warrant and report at: http://wtnh.com/2014/05/09/slain-wife-worried-spouses-mental-health/ Newly proposed legislation being considered appears to be based on events of May 7th 2014 in Oxford, Connecticut. The testimony of Merry Jackson to the Connecticut Judiciary Committee...
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    December 18th meeting a planned presentation by Attorney Baird

    http://ctgunrights.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/CTSGunStudy_FundingDisclosure_AttyRachelBaird.pdf There will be a meeting on December 18th at the State Capitol that could be very interesting. I would suggest that everyone read the documentation at the link above and attend the meeting if...
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    Why we must elect Kie Westby as the next Attorney General of Connecticut

    I have met with and discussed several issues with Kie Westby who is running for Connecticut Attorney General. I believe that his willingness to listen and act on sound advice will work towards sound opinions that will better Connecticut. Here is my position: Please visit...
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    Firearms facts and data in the Post Newtown era

    THESE 20 REQUESTS WERE SUBMITTED ON OCTOBER 6TH 2014 Types of Electronic Data and Public Records that will, or may be, requested from DESPP on a monthlyor as needed basis 1. Complete Criminal History extract data DESPP maintains and provides the Criminal History database...
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    Letter to Governor Malloy

    LETTERTO GOVERNOR MALLOY Regarding Connecticut Ex Parte Restraining Orders, Due Process, and Amending the Laws to Discourage Abuse of Process and Protect Victims of Domestic Violence Dear Governor Malloy - You announced on September 10th at a Domestic Violence Roundtable in...
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    Double standard

    American News and Summary Judgmentwas contacted at 12:22 am on September 14th. The following is a BRIEF rundown of what was reported to American News/Summary Judgment. Additionalfacts have been provided and will be discussed at a later date after verification. Hartford Police don't seem to...
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    FOI Hearing Scheduled for September 8th at 11:00 am

    From: Edward Peruta[mailto:edperuta@amcable.tv] Sent: Monday, December 30, 2013 5:42 AM To: DESPP Bradford, Reuben; DESPP Plourde, Christine; AttorneyAinsworth, Janet Cc: 'rbaird@rachelbairdlaw.com'; 'm.lake@rachelbairdlaw.com'; PattyTartaglino (ptartaglino@rachelbairdlaw.com)...
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    Open Message to Tom Foley

    An open message to Tom Foley: As a legal investigator for Attorney Rachel M. Baird who has represented a number of individuals with firearm issues, and a director of Connecticut Carry Inc., I have acquired a working knowledge of many common firearm problems that exist in Connecticut. Asan...
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    Discussion topic for Summary Judgment tonight

    This subject will be discussed tonight on Summary Judgment between 6 and 8pm at www.sjtalkshow.com Live call in to the program is 860-721-8814. JUSTIFICATIONFOR A FACIAL or ASAPPLIED CHALLENGE TOnumerous CONNECTCUT FIREARM LAWS Most if not all of Connecticut's laws pertaining to...
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    Discussion topic for Summary Judgment tonight

    This subject will be discussed tonight on Summary Judgment between 6 and 8pm at www.sjtalkshow.com Live call in to the program is 860-721-8814. JUSTIFICATIONFOR A FACIAL or ASAPPLIED CHALLENGE TOnumerous CONNECTCUT FIREARM LAWS Most if not all of Connecticut's laws pertaining...
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    Opening Statement to be made at FOI today at 2pm

    FIREARM DEALERS EMAIL ADDRESSES I am here today on another case where DESPP has unreasonably delayed and denied promptaccess to inspect public records, apattern and practice that is evidenced by the need to file numerous complaints against the agency. This request for prompt access began in...
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    Permit holder "badge"

    I have on several occasions heard the argument that people who see individuals wearing a badge next to their holstered exposed firearm don't cause alarm. Not wanting to create any annoyance or alarm, I took the time to think about what I could do to prevent people from fearing my firearm. The...
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    A message to the people of Hawaii and Maui

    To the voters of Maui, I recently had a conversation with Hawaii candidate Joseph Kamaka, who is running for a seat in the Hawaii State Senate. Here is a link to the conversation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0tt69r0ISYw&list=UUM-m3S44sCCATyM2hATf1eg My connection to Joe and his family is...
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    Live Discussion on Connecticut Issues, PLEASE BOOKMARK this link

    To: All current and future owners of firearms and voters in Connecticut In 2013, the Connecticut Governor and Legislature denied the citizens of Connecticut the right to testify at public hearings on proposed firearm legislation. WELL THERE IS A WAY TO USE CABLE TELEVISION AND THE INTERNET TO...
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    Barbara Mattson NO LONGER IN THE State Police SLFU

    To all firearm owners, Word on the street is that Det. Barbara Mattson has retired and is no longer in the SLFU. Ed Peruta
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    Words from the past

    I wrote this after the Manchester incident and long before Newtown, when their were only 150,000 permits to carry issued, and think it still applies. Pay particular attention to the section I have highlighted in bold text near the end. To whom it may concern: The landscape of firearm...
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    No amnesty arrest all who failed to register

    On Friday night February 28th, I was asked my opinion regarding a new SUGGESTED AMNESTY PERIOD to allow individuals to register their firearms and large capacity magazines. My response was probably unexpected. I VOICED MY OJECTION TO ANY AMNESTY FOR THOSE THAT DID NOT COMPLY WITH THE LAW. I...
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    Peruta v. San Diego

    To all firearm owners: I have been informed by my Attorneys in California that the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has rendered a decision in my favor. I would like to thank all members of my legal team and the NRA for the emotional and financial support in obtaining this historic decision. In...
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    If DESPP won't answer a quesiton then I will do what I believe is right

    I have not posted on this message board and will NOT respond to any questions or comments left in this thread. I believe that the information supplied in this post is timely and informative based on the facts of the situation being provided. DESPP refuses to answer valid questions or provide...