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    Iphone App to record police with offsite storage

    Hello, I've always used a pocket digital recorder, or back in the day - tape recorder, or my (not a smart) phone video or audio recorder to record police contacts or activities that I happen to observe while out and about. I've been doing this, sporadically, since I was a college student...
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    An officer's duty to care for and protect people

    One of the more frequently cited court cases, which is also one of the most frequently misunderstood and misapplied cases in this forum is the SCOTUS case establishing that a peace officer has no duty to protect any individual. Especially for the anti-cop bigot (a bigot always presupposes the...
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    Frequency of police shootings

    If there is one perceived truism that is discussed often here and elsewhere, it's the perception that LEO and their agencies are becoming increasingly more "militarized" vs. officer friendly, that force to include deadly force is overused etc. Radley Balko has done some good writing on this...
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    A primer on handcuffing in non-arrest situations

    As evidenced by posts here and elsewhere, a substantial # of people believe that police must have probable cause of an arrestable offense to place somebody in handcuffs, and that when somebody is placed in handcuffs that means the person is under "custodial" arrest, iow it;s more than just a...
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    National Night Out redux

    Well, attended National Night Out neighborhood meeting. Sad to say, I was the only OCer there, but there were definitely some pro 2a concerned homeowners. One even had an NRA hat. My favorite question was the woman who wanted to confirm that it was ok to shoot somebody if they entered her...
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    National Night Out is Tonight!

    Don't forget, National Night Out is tonight . It's a great opportunity to OC and meet others, and spread the gospel. What is NNO? I'm glad you asked. It's an event started by the National Association of Town Watch, an organization that has helped people understand that crime prevention is...
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    Police policies regarding OCers and people filming the police.

    Some people have had negative experiences with the cops while OCing and some have had negative experiences with the cops while filming them. Some have had both! Disclosure: I've OC'd and filmed the police many times w/o problems Considering especially recent case law, cops should not...
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    Armed citizen takes down auto thief

    Very cool. Just had an armed citizen chase a person down who stole his car, chase her on foot, apprehend her and hold her pending our arrival. No shots fired, and no muss, no fuss. Like most citizen (and cop) uses of force, the bad guy is in custody with minimal force (actually bad girl) and...
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    Legitimate source for WA case law info, especially as regards police powers

    I have seen a LOT of specious info here about case law in WA. frankly, it boggles my mind. that being said, anybody who makes legal decisions based on a post from an anonymous blogger ... well.. do the math That being said, i am providing a link for an EXCELLENT resource for WA case law...