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  1. OC Freedom

    examiner.com - Anti-gun movement runs out of steam in 2014

    In my opinion and not implying I or anyone should do this, I think it has come to the point that the only way to regain the RTKABA will take the use of the Cartridge Box.
  2. OC Freedom

    Armed bystanders shoot at shoplifters in Marysville, disabling their vehicle, then disappear.

    LOL. Truth in that. I just saw the other morning two cop cars in front of our local donut shop.
  3. OC Freedom

    Opposing ERPO Red Flag Law(lessnes)s

    If you live in one of these states, then it would be wise to be able to effectively conceal and secure your property from government theft. This is an activity I practice masterfully. Guns? what guns?
  4. OC Freedom

    Re-write of the 2nd Amendment

    Does anyone know what grade, school district, and state this Bull**** belongs too?
  5. OC Freedom

    #GoFundTheWall passes $2.5 Million of $1 Billion goal in 48 hours.

    I believe in owning money in the form of precious metals.
  6. OC Freedom

    What cops need to consider about armed citizens

    This sums it up nicely about law enforcment and the policy makers.
  7. OC Freedom

    2019 Wenatchee Annual Open Carry Camp

    That's your viewpoint, not mine. Just saying...
  8. OC Freedom

    Taurus pt111 9mm or bersa thunder .380?

    If open carry is legal in your state and you understand the do's and do not's of your state, then carry what you want. Any caliber is better than no firearm at all. Don't worry what others think, for you will get a different answer almost every time from one person to another. The only thing I...
  9. OC Freedom

    THE LAST CHANCE To Get National Concealed Carry Reciprocity Passed.

    I say this without malice. You have asked and answered your own question.
  10. OC Freedom

    2019 Wenatchee Annual Open Carry Camp

    Might want to have a back-up plan. The Anti-Second Amendment crowd that brought you I-1639 are planning some more good stuff for you in Washington including a possible Open Carry ban. Just an FYI...
  11. OC Freedom

    What do you carry?

    Thanks. I know that some reviews have not been favorable for this make and model, but I really like the Walther Grip. I like it's size and the weight at 22.3 ounces with an empty mag, it's not to heavy for me for all day carry. So when I found the pistol with a stainless slide for $299 new, I...
  12. OC Freedom

    What do you carry?

    I open carry a Walther CCP in a Safariland 578 Pro-Fit GLS holster and it's a fantastic holster too. Since I open carry this pistol I should have the CCP on the slide changed to OCP. :D
  13. OC Freedom

    ammo cans on sale

    Thanks for the heads up.
  14. OC Freedom

    Open Carry Idaho Report

    Gun rally at the Idaho Capitol Great day at the capitol. Of course the media downplayed the size of the gathering.
  15. OC Freedom

    Idaho Gun Rally

    On September 8th there will be a Gun Rally at the Idaho State Capitol. The hope is to have five thousand gun owners to attend this rally on Saturday. Here is more information if you are interested in attending. https://www.facebook.com/events/158023771551062/
  16. OC Freedom

    Idaho stand your ground bill 1313

    Click on image to enlarge. The NRA sabotaged real stand your ground in Idaho. Even the Mad Mommies were okay with 1313. That's how worthless it is. Join the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance today. Don't let Idaho become the next Oregon or Washington.