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    Why can't the NRA be more like the gay community?

    imported post I'm speaking politically. Watch the tactics of the Gay community. They are relentless. They tryed to hav a U.S. const ammendment passed....that tactic failed. Then they switched tactics and decided to hone all their energy, power, resources and attacked the laws of one state at a...
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    Once again, the LEO's prove they do not care about Citizen's Rights

    imported post Believe the 'spokeshole' for the California State Sheriffs' Association just said, "AB 357 not only removes the good cause requirement but it also requires, rather than authorizes, a sheriff to issue the applicant a concealed weapon permit if the applicant meets other...
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    Fundamental Rights v. "Civil Rights"

    imported post No I'm not a troll...just a guy spreading a little education. It's a shame to c Citizens interviewed in a news report..orpeople on this siteintermixing street vernacular (words defined by Webster) w/ 'terms' defined by statutes. Polictians luv ignorant citizens. Absolutely luv...
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    Does the Heller case trumph Cali admin codes?

    imported post The Cali Const clearly reads that the U.S.Const "...is the supreme law of the land." Therefore,legally, theU.S. constitution trumps all California rules, codes, legislation. The U.S. supr crt justices clearly decided in the Heller case, that the Right to bear Arms is an...
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    imported post We might be more effective as a whole, if we stop using mis-statements in describing things to our friends, associates, and especially thechildren being dummied down in public schools. We (the people) have NO CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS.Please stop using the 'media' phrases. De-program...