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    The Firing Line publication's article on open carry

    OK, which one of you wrote the article?
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    Veteran's Day Shoot at Project 2000!

    Since I am no longer the President of the Marksmanship Club @ UCSD and the MClub isn't doing a shoot this year, I decided to reserve the range for a shoot. 15 bucks buys a lot of fun so sign up if you can! http://www.calguns.net/calgunforum/showthread.php?t=495736
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    OCer spotted at Turners San Marcos

    I was tooling around San Marcos the other day and when I stopped in at Turners I saw an OCer picking up new purchase. I struck up conversation with him and came to find out he is not an OCDO member. I might end up going shooting with him in the future.
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    KGTV 10 News at 11. Watch it!

    I think Sam made the news again! Watch it and, if you can record and post it, please do!
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    Oceanside Motorcycle OC... who is this?

    This happened today (8//3/11) at 3:30pm at the corner of El Camino and Douglas in Oceanside, CA. Which one of you guys did it!?!
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    Which one of you is "Jeremy" in Oceanslime?

    My brother OJ sent me this video. Fess up, who is it?!? http://www.break.com/index/one-good-cop-2086255
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    Esco cops don't like bows either

    A small post for the sake of some humor... So I spent today in Escondido with my older brother while his truck got fixed over on Escondido Blvd. Knowing that it would be a while, I brought along my bow and some arrows so I could walk over to Willow Creek Archery to get some new fletchings and a...
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    OCDO market place?

    So what do you guys think... would a market place at OCCDO be cool to have or no?
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    Need a courier in SD

    If you are a courier in San Diego, please contact me at trackerpacker@gmail.com. I have an interesting job for you to do. Thanks!
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    FAQ 2.0: Editors Needed

    So I am getting a bit annoyed by the seeing questions that have been answered repeatedly here on OCDO and CGN and I think that it would be better to update the expanded FAQ rather than repeatedly expending energy on old ground. If any regular posters or those with a handle on the subject would...
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    San Fernando Valley PD gets dinged 44K

    Story here: http://www.calguns.net/calgunforum/showthread.php?t=388412 Why is this significant for the UOC movement (or gun rights in general) you ask? Look no further than this training memo. Jason Davis pretty much served SFVPD's collective posteriors on a silver platter and the result is...
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    Virgin strip experience

    Well, I just walked up and down about 1.2mi of Vegas strip while carrying and I have had no issues. On that note, how many of you guys are at SHOT? ;)
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    Veteran's Day with the Marksmanship Club @ UCSD

    Just spreading the good word. http://www.eventbrite.com/event/995464461
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    IWB holster OK for OC?

    I have a friend that is planning to visit the grand state of NM but he wants to make sure that OCing a handgun in an IWB setup is kosher before packing. Anyone have any knowledge of this?
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    WY law clarification and potential meetup?

    Hey, my brother Sam is en route to Cheyenne, WY right now and is curious about any legal restrictions on OC in the great state of Wyoming. I can't find anything so I am assuming that there aren't restrictions against carrying in bars and the like? Also, if anyone wants to meet up with him...
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    Catfish Club Debate with Saldana

    July 23, 2010 Assemblymember Lori Saldana discusses legislation to ban Handgun Open Carry in the State of California http://www.catfishclub.net/Events/CurrentEvents.html Our venue: In May 2006, the Catfish Club moved to a new location the San Diego Hall of Champions. The new site is...
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    My 4th of July

    It certainly pales in comparison to ryanburbridge's arrest, but it was still pretty fun nonetheless. Check the blog, it is now the second entry. http://caopencarry.blogspot.com
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    5th SD OC Event

    Sign up! http://sdopencarry.eventbrite.com
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    Californians are not alone...

    imported post Click here and read the story. http://opencarry.mywowbb.com/view_topic.php?id=45063&forum_id=43&jump_to=780439
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    Talked to a cop in Cuyahoga Falls tonight...

    imported post So I went to the little rock concert on Front Street in Cuyahoga Falls tonight (I am in Ohio to visit my grandmother for her 80th birthday ;) ) and since I was not able to bring my gun (an unfortunate occurrence that I feeldeeply disenfranchised about) I decided that I would ask a...