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  1. solus

    Hamburg Wal-Mart. OC'er tresspassed from ALL Wal-Marts.

    Well until get clarification from the OP regarding the actual rationale & location, cuz KY doesn’t have anything out there, of the FB person being ban’d tis but hyperbole and anybody’s guess.
  2. solus

    Whats' up With Ron Johnson?

    Here’s the cite politico... https://www.politico.com/story/2019/08/20/trump-gun-control-1470362
  3. solus

    Hamburg Wal-Mart. OC'er tresspassed from ALL Wal-Marts.

    Zero...do you have a timeline, e.g. when this event occurred? Why was the individual banned - caught stealling? Research from different sites mentions WalMart bans those who get caught stealing from the store ~ Walmart doesn’t care if judicially adjudication or not...
  4. solus

    Lots of interesting reading in The Volokh Conspiracy today.

    W O W....Dougie! No segue...nada...without any type of the slightest provocation from myself, the gentleman from Wisconsin just leaps into a bragger’s tirade espousing their great ability to indulge in the translated readings of the ancient writers! Then out of the blue he lashes out against...
  5. solus

    Seems handgunlaw needs a spot of assistance...

    With the newspeek/social media exploding from the antis/mommies/etc., more and more citizens are seeking viable information on carrying their handuns in their home communities as well as across this nation while traveling. As we know this site has provided this nation’s citizenry with such...
  6. solus

    Any interest in an open carry event in St. Louis?

    Keep in touch...
  7. solus

    Extreme Risk Protection Orders Intended to Prevent Mass Shootings: A Case Series. Annals of Internal Medicine

    Unbiased to be sure...cited reference quotes... 1. Courts have thus far provided 159 records, from which we present here all 21 cases 2. Cases were identified in 10 counties. Most subjects were male and non-Hispanic white; 3. We conducted print, broadcast, and Internet media searches using...
  8. solus

    Healthcare anti-firearm rhetoric is alive and well

    Alas dougie...please cite the appropriate ACP commentary instead of lambasting my post...https://annals.org/aim/fullarticle/2151828/firearm-related-injury-death-united-states-call-action-from-8 which states, “ ...Because of this, we, the executive staff leadership of 7 physician professional...
  9. solus

    Healthcare anti-firearm rhetoric is alive and well

    Per 8 Aug Medscape, quote: Seven leading healthcare organizations on Wednesday published a call to action to reduce firearm injuries and deaths in the United States in the Annals of Internal Medicine. The American College of Physicians (ACP), the American Academy of Family Physicians, the...
  10. solus

    NC OC experience reports

    Glad, apparently, you survived playing bumper car as some being reported of late seem quite horrendous...
  11. solus

    NC OC experience reports

    Toddled to Lowes & while checking out, a family with a 12 yo youngster playing with hi intensity flashlite while his 6-ish yo brother sitting in the cart whining to play with the flashlite, al the while the mother is trying to maintain calm... 6 yo is getting even more agitated he can’t handle...
  12. solus

    PNW LEs, Portland, mobilizing for rallys..

    Update...quote: Police arrested four people and seized metal poles, bear spray and other weapons Saturday as hundreds of far-right protesters and anti-fascist counter-demonstrators swarmed downtown Portland, Oregon, and authorities closed bridges and streets to try to keep the rival groups...
  13. solus

    "possession of an unregistered firearm"?

    I shied away from heights cuz i was an uncoordinated six-two in 6th grade so became an expert in m80 flushing into toilets and mix’g charcoal and other OTC chems to launch missiles.
  14. solus

    Red Flags and White Supremacists. American Thinker .com

    The convicted also has to pay for equipment & installation & regular calibration of said equipment as well as removal after a year’s use.
  15. solus

    "possession of an unregistered firearm"?

    Wonder we surprised we survived our youth...eh?
  16. solus

    Texas churches arm, train congregants in wake of mass shootings

    https://www.koin.com/news/texas-churches-arm-train-congregants-in-wake-of-mass-shootings/ First, why is this even slightly newsworthy since the religious entities are paying a licensed security firm who has ‘certified & trained’ “volunteers” to roam their respective religious properties ~ cited...
  17. solus

    Gem City’s Oregon district shooting.

    Well coroner’s report is out... 1. Cocaine, alcohol, and psychotropic med found in his system. [wonder why the police or family failed to mention his MH status?] 2. Two of the victims had been hit by police bullets ~ coroner “believes one of them, a female, had already been fatally shot by...
  18. solus

    NC OC experience reports

    Ran errands in the local community yesterday, including into one of the Walmarts in the area w/o any sideways glances from anyone. Chat’d up a woman & several clerks in Walmart who didn’t even look at my sidearm. While shopping at farm supply got into a discussion of “whatcha carrying”...
  19. solus

    Armed citizen saves cashier's life

    Paul harvey’s the rest of the story....[instead of gun blog version!] https://www.ncwlife.com/bystander-uses-gun-to-detain-man-suspected-of-assaulting-wenatchee-store-clerk/
  20. solus

    Red Flags and White Supremacists. American Thinker .com

    Nicely played KB...resorting to elementary playground name calling retorts is quite impressive for such an illustrious individual elected by their community’s citizenry to represent the community in the state’s legislature... Thank goodness my dad, rest his soul, taught me not to worry about...