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    Anyonea do an OC thing somewhere in the Albany/Corvallis/Salem area?

    Read the title....im in albany
  2. 4

    Wish me luck

    I have an interview to become a LEO next week...wish me luck.
  3. 4

    Lebanon OC

    I went to Dutch bros and had 2 interesting encounters. One man just wanted to talk about the caliber (.45 ACP XD Compact) One told me it was illegal to open carry a loaded gun without a concealed handgun permit, said i should as the police(the ones legally allowed to lie to me?)
  4. 4

    Is anyone in Linn County?

    I am stilll trying to find people in my local area...can anyone here help? If you are around Lebanon you might see me in my black pants/shirt with my XD in its shoulder holster. :) Please feel free to come talk, I am looking for friends.
  5. 4

    OC in Lebanon/Albany Area

    Does anyone around on here carry in or around those areas?