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  1. azcdlfred

    2016 Candidate Information

    AzCDL has added a new web page to help you find information about 2016 political candidates. It is not Arizona specific and can be used by anyone regardless of where they reside. Please share it with family and friends. In most instances all you need to enter is your zip code. Some zip codes...
  2. azcdlfred

    Sine Die

    The Arizona Legislature adjourned (Sine Die) at 5:45 AM this morning (May 7). Three gun bills were sent to the Governor. He has 10 days (not including Sundays) to make up his mind. This is YOUR last chance to tell the Governor to sign these bills. Letters have been prepared and are waiting...
  3. azcdlfred

    Arizona's Request To Speak (RTS) System

    Yesterday, we notified AzCDL's over 13,000 email subscribers about updates to the Arizona Legislature's RTS system. If you are not receiving our alerts, go here to sign up: http://www.azcdl.org/html/subscribe_to_alerts.html. You can read the RTS alert we sent out on our Latest News Page...
  4. azcdlfred

    Arizona rated best state for gun owners - again!

    Arizona Rated #1 for Gun Owners! For the THIRD consecutive year Guns and Ammo magazine has rated Arizona as the #1 state for gun owners. States were measured by the following criteria: • Right To Carry. • Treatment of military style rifles (ARs, AKs, etc.). • Treatment of Class 3/NFA...
  5. azcdlfred

    AzCDL Annual Meeting - Tucson - October 10, 2015

    The Arizona Citizens Defense League Cordially invites you to our Tenth Annual Meeting of Members October 10, 2015 University Park Marriott 880 E. Second St., Tucson, Arizona Information about the annual meeting can be found at AzCDL's website. We invite you to bring family and friends...
  6. azcdlfred

    2015 Gun Rights Policy Conference - Phoenix

    Great News! The Gun Rights Policy Conference (GRPC) will once again be held in Arizona. The 30th Annual GRPC will be held in Phoenix, September 25-27, at the Sheraton Crescent Hotel. We encourage everyone to attend. Admission is FREE. GRPC will start with an evening reception on Friday...
  7. azcdlfred

    Vote for AzCDL!

    Lucky Gunner, an online ammunition retailer, was recently awarded a $111,971.10 judgement against the Brady Center. Lucky Gunner has graciously offered to distribute the money they receive to pro-rights organizations based on the percentage of votes cast by supporters. Voting will run through...
  8. azcdlfred

    Nevada recognizes Arizona permits - again

    Yeah, I know this the "open carry" forum but for those interested: Nevada recognizes Arizona CCW permits again. Effective June 17, 2015 Nevada began recognizing CCW permits issued by Arizona. This came about from two bills, SB 175 and AB 488, recently passed by the Nevada legislature and...
  9. azcdlfred

    2014 Legislative Session - What to Expect

    The anti's have raised their level of sophistication to the point where they are suckering in the Republicans to carry their water for them. It's been gathering steam for years, but with the 0bama administration's support and money from the Bloomberg types, the momentum is strong and, sadly...
  10. azcdlfred

    2014 Legislative Session - What to Expect

    The 2014 Arizona legislative session officially begins on January 13. In the meantime, legislators have already begun “pre-filing” bills. The final deadline for filing new bills is February 10. By then over 1,000 proposed legislative changes will have been introduced. As bills are filed, we...
  11. azcdlfred

    Open Carry Luncheon 10/5

    AzCDL Annual Meeting of Members, Tucson, October 5, 2013. Fred
  12. azcdlfred

    Front Sight training

    (THIS FUNDRAISING EFFORT FOR AZCDL HAS BEEN APPROVED BY THE FORUM ADMINISTRATOR AND IS NOT SPAM) For those interested, AzCDL is taking advantage of a Front Sight offer and we have a limited number of Front Sight Diamond Life Memberships available at our online store. Net proceeds benefit...
  13. azcdlfred

    Arizona rated best state for gun owners!

    Guns and Ammo magazine recently rated all the states on how they treat the right to bear arms. Arizona was rated #1. States were measured on “gun rights/friendliness to gun owners” by the following criteria: CCW/Open Carry laws. Treatment of “sporting” rifles (ARs, AKs, etc.). Treatment of...
  14. azcdlfred


    Far from it... Carry on gentlemen. Fred (AzCDL co-founder)
  15. azcdlfred

    HB 2729 Needs your help! (affects open carry in government buildings)

    If you want to get these alerts directly, click here. A letter has been prepared and is waiting for you to send at AzCDL's Legislative Action Center. Current law allows the operator of any state or local government property, choosing to ban firearms, to simply slap up a “no firearms” sign...
  16. azcdlfred

    Game On!

    The 2012 Arizona legislative session officially starts on Monday, January 9. AzCDL has been working with legislators on proposed legislation since the last session ended. Legislators will soon file bills they are sponsoring, starting a difficult journey that, if all goes well, ends at the...
  17. azcdlfred

    Open Carry Luncheon - Tucson - October 1, 2011

    AzCDL's annual meeting is coming up on October 1st, in Tucson, and we like our attendees to open carry :banana: See you there! Fred
  18. azcdlfred

    The Evil Gun Lobby in Arizona

    The Arizona Repugnant tried to do a hit piece but it reads like an advertisement for AzCDL. They even borrowed heavily from our website (I recognize the wording since I wrote it) but got lazy when it came to see where we're located (we have two mailing addresses). Fred
  19. azcdlfred

    Action Alert! Pro-rights bills need push in House.

    Much to the delight of anti-rights legislators and criminal empowerment groups, nearly all the House sponsored pro-rights firearms bills have languished without committee assignments or hearings. Meanwhile similar bills have moved swiftly through the Senate and are now under the control of House...
  20. azcdlfred

    Pro-rights bills need your support - Letters are waiting for you to send.

    Yesterday, March 2nd, SB 1201 passed out of the House Committee of the Whole (COW) and is scheduled for a Senate Third Read today, March 3rd. There is still time to contact your Senator. A letter for SB 1201 has been prepared and is waiting to be sent by you at AzCDL’s Action Center. SB 1201...