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    So Nice To Be In Similar Company.......

    So tired of reading half-wit posts and comments on Facebook and local news pages....so I had to log on here for a break from the ignorance of the masses. Just to keep this VA-related, is the Charlottesville group still meeting on occasion?
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    Visit To Claytor Lake State Park & return date 9/22/12

    Went down to visit another family from our church who was staying there this weekend. When we got there we went straight to the swimming area to enjoy the day. When we met up with the other family the other father handed me a pamphlet that they were given upon checking in. Here's what I...
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    Anyone Following This Case???

    I have to be honest...I'm not 100% sure if he was an open carry guy but it looks the he used his firearm in SD. Maybe some of you guys that are better with law than myself can take a peak at this case...
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    Open Carry - Staunton...Harrisonburg...Waynesboro...Ect

    I noticed there were no threads to share open carry experiences from these areas so I figured I would start one... I don't get out too much but I'll start it off..yesterday we decided to run out to Willy's Ice Cream Stand in Waynesboro for my wife's birthday. While we were there a gentleman and...
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    Everyone Here Have Power?

    I ask because I just saw where some communities might not get power back for another 7 days.....and just to keep this on topic, always keep your sidearm close during weather emergencies :)
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    So Why Hasn't The Media Shown This???????

    Could it be because at least two of the policemen in charge were Muslims? http://www.theblaze.com/stories/allahu-akbar-shock-video-shows-muslims-allegedly-stoning-christian-protesters-in-michigan/
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    OC Lunch/Dinner/Breakfast Around Charlottesville?

    :shocker: *Oh the horror* lol....that's why I included the word "around". Who would be interested in getting together for a bite to eat and possibly even some other type of activity? (Isn't there a range north of C-ville?)
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    IWB: What To Consider? Best Bang For The Buck?

    Never owned one but I think its time to try to "tuck it in". I'm a big guy but certainly not a monster either so I've wondered if it'll work well for me? What about the best brands for the money? Any guidance is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
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    A "Feel Good" Thread......

    I just wanted to give a business/gunshop a big thumbs up for being pro-OC! I've been giving them quite a bit of my business over the past few years so I figured I would share them with y'all. They're Dominion Outdoors in Fishersville off of I64. They have the: "Criminals Beware: Employees and...
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    The Legality Of: "Let Me Take This For My Safety"......

    Lets break this down into two scenarios and address it that way...(I'm sure they've been hashed out before...I'm sorry) Part A: You're walking while OC'ing in the midday in a public area and some goofball calls in the MWAG. The officer comes up to you and insists on removing your firearm for...
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    ........Just Figured I'd Say: "Hey Y'all"....

    Some of y'all may be members of VaGT....for those that aren't I just want to introduce myself. I'm originally from Rockingham Co but moved to Augusta Co a few years ago with my wife and girls. I've been pulling triggers ever since I could hold a gun (and using sandbags prior to that ;) ). I've...